On 15 August 2019, Sister Sylvia Steiger received the Cross of Merit from the President of the Tyrol Region.

Innsbruck (Austria). On 15 August 2019 Sister Sylvia Steiger received the Cross of Merit from the President of the Tyrol Region.

She was surprised at the invitation from the Region to receive this honor in the Hall of the Royal Palace in Innsbruck.

Every year on 15 August the Tyrolean President invites 44 citizens of the North and South of Tyrol to receive this honor. Among the winners of this year, many have distinguished themselves in the political and social sphere, some come from the Diocese, and none from religious Congregations. It was therefore an honor for her and for the whole Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians!

Sister Sylvia received this recognition for her educational and social contribution and for her commitment to continuous musical updating.

She composed the text for a musical on Don Bosco: “John Bosco live for youth” which in 2015 was staged by a group of young people and professional actors from Hartberg (Styria region). This year she collaborated with a group of the Salesian Youth Movement in Vienna to record a CD entitled: “Freude verbindet” (Joy Unites) with 14 Salesian songs, some composed by herself, others by Sister Elisabeth Siegl FMA, and by the Salesian Fr. Rudi Osanger.

On 26 October 2019, the CD will be presented with a concert in Vienna at the Salesianum. Various concerts are planned in different houses of the FMA and the Salesians.

Sister Sylvia also participated in a musical competition on vocations: “Vocation music award” with the song: Wenn Gott ruft… (When God calls) sung by two FMA: Sister Elisabeth Siegl and Sister Martina Kuda.

In her recent interview, when asked what this honor means to her, Sister Sylvia replied that it means a lot, not only for her, but for all the FMA who have been working in the Tyrol for about 70 years. “For many years they have been very active in education in this region and public recognition is a good sign both for us and for society”.

Now the Cross of merit will certainly find its place in a beautiful Showcase at the Stams house and this will remind all those who see it of the gesture of gratitude and public recognition received by the Salesian educators of the Tyrol.


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