Rome (Italy). On 16 September 2021, Mother General, Sr. Yvonne Reungoat presented the theme: “The General Chapter: a charismatic experience”.

Mother emphasizes the value of unity and communion that characterizes a General Chapter, which “before being a human organization, is an event of faith where we are called to welcome and contemplate the mystery of God that runs through human history, that of the Institute, that of all the people who make it up and who are entrusted to it in its mission”.

Mother illuminates, accompanies, and proposes to the Chapter members to walk in the ways of the Spirit who is interior freedom, interior disposition that creates, as in a Cenacle, networks of humanity, generators of charismatic vitality for the good of the FMA Institute.

Continuing the reflection, Mother Yvonne highlights that the “Chapter is a beautiful and rich experience if each one lives it like a family meeting that brings us together as sisters who desire to take stock of the reality they are living in order to look forward with hope, to walk together towards a new future”.

She recalls the attitudes to be lived during the Chapter: silence and discernment by creating an environment of silence and prayer to let oneself be penetrated by the light of the Holy Spirit and to find the ways of the obedience of faith; prudence, secrecy, openness by living with a grateful, joyful, and respectful spirit, and cultivating “an attitude of positivity without however forgetting realism, but looking at everything with a vision of hope”.

Mother concludes: “In these days we are writing this new page of life and hope with gratitude and availability like Mary. She, the humble servant of the Lord, allowed God to do great things in her poverty for the good of all humanity. Like her, let us be amazed by the power of the love of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”.

The Chapter Assembly resumes its work in the afternoon. After invoking the Holy Spirit, Sr. Chiara Cazzuola, Moderator of GC XXIV, confirms the validity of the Elections of the Delegates and Substitutes pursuant to art. 18 of the Regulations for the General Chapter.

After the presentation of the observations to the Working Document and the Calendar and Chronogram, Mother communicates the name of the Secretary of the GC XXIV, Sr. Angela Maria Maccioni, Provincial of Mother Maddalena Morano Province (ISI) and her Collaborators, and introduces the Moderators and Translators.


  1. En actitud de comunión acompañamos a la Madre y a las capitulares con el ofrecimiento y la oración de cada día. Dios les bendiga y les conceda las luces del Espíritu Santo.

  2. Querida madre Yvonne y hermanas capitulares, desde Floridablanca, Casa Don Bosco, provincia Nuestra Señora de Chiquinquirá, Colombia, les enviamos nuestro fraterno saludo, acompañado de la oración y auguramos plenitud del Santo Espíritu para cada uno de ustedes. La Auxiliadora las acompañe en todo momento.

  3. Thank you Dear Mother General Mother Yvonne for your beautiful and inspiring talk. We pray that this chapter 24 becomes a moment of search , unity, and communion . May our blessed Lord and mother Mary guide and accompany you all during this Pentecostal event of our institute


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