Turin (Italy). On 7 October 2022, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, in the Chapel of the Mary Help of Christians Community in Turin, eight young women officially began the journey to become Daughters of Mary Help of Christians by entering the Postulancy, the time preceding the Novitiate. Their story:

In eight from Italy, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, and Albania we started the Postulancy and received the medal with the image of Mary Help of Christians and Don Bosco, which reminds us of the responsibility of responding to the call of the Lord and, at the same time, the certainty of the support of Mary and of our Saints.

The Vicar General of the FMA Institute, Sr. María del Rosario García Ribas, present with us, addressed us with words of encouragement, inspired by the Gospel passage we have chosen and which will accompany us this year:

Jesus then said to those Jews who had believed in Him: “If you remain faithful to my word, you will truly be my disciples; you will know the truth and the truth will make you free”  (Jn 8: 31-32).

“The disciple is the one who ‘remains’ with the Lord. Union with Him frees us and pushes us towards ever greater horizons,” underlined Sr. María del Rosario.

Although it was a private celebration, we were able to share the joy of this moment also with the Provincials of our Provinces, with some FMA, in particular those of Most Holy Mary of Consolation Community who welcome the Postulants, together with some Salesian friends of Don Bosco, and some young women. Our thanks go to all of them but, in a special way, to the communities of the Turin Houses of Mary Help of Christians “27 and 35” for the welcome, support, and availability they have shown us.

We have entrusted this journey to Mary, she who “did everything”, certain of her presence in our midst and beside us. Sr. María del Rosario also reminded us of the words that Jesus addressed to Don Bosco, “I will give you the Teacher” and wished that “We walk safely because she is always for us Mother, Teacher, and inspirer of our vocation. We place this important formative stage under her protection”.

With the hope and commitment to be with our lives witnesses of God’s love, we thank the Lord and all the people who have been our guide, accompanying us up to here with prayer, and we ask you to continue to support us on the journey just begun.


  1. Wonderful. Congratulations to each one of you. May your journey of formation help you grow deeper in love of Jesus and our Salesian charism. May you inspire many others to follow in your footsteps. Please pray for our little province


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