(Rome Italy). All over the world there are many initiatives of solidarity and closeness to face the coronavirus epidemic that has now spread everywhere.

In these moments of uncertainty and suffering, urged by the Message of the Mother General of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Sister Yvonne Reungoat, all the communities felt called to make a believer’s reading of reality and to invoke the help of Mary, to comfort the sick and support doctors and nurses who are struggling to stop the infection.

In the Sungmi Nursery School in Seoul (Korea), the Principal, Sister Gemma LEE had a meeting with the 6-year-old children to explain what was happening with the Coronavirus situation. After the dialogue, a child raising his hand, thought that as doctors and researchers were studying for a vaccine to help heal coronavirus sufferers, they too could commit to looking for a vaccine and so they created the Love Vaccine.

Loving more, being happy, knowing how to thank for everything, forgiving each other, supporting each other, giving courage together.

The invitation is to get infected by the Love vaccine to be “a fire of hope and light” right now.


  • Are you feeling sad? Tomorrow will be a happy day.
  • Do you feel annoyed? Your smile is splendid!
  • When you are in a good mood: laugh as much as today.
  • When you have an irritated mind: laugh ha, ha, ha, we like sisters who laugh.
  • When your heart is discouraged: think, I love you, thank you.
  • When you feel suffocated: meet Jesus who is present in prayer.
  • When you feel distressed: imagine a child laughing.
  • When you feel alone: God is beside you.
  • When you don’t feel like getting up in the morning, think: every day is a gift.
  • When the heart closes in you: remember that in your heart there is the seed of courage.
  • When you have difficulties: take courage.
  • When you quarreled with your sister: believe she loves you.





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