Timor (TIN). The Provincial Community of St. Maria Mazzarello Province (TIN), welcomed the Visiting Councilor Sister Maria Assunta Sumiko Inoue, who arrived on March 1 for the Canonical Visit which will take place from 1 March  to 20 May  2020.

Sure that her presence will help spiritually and charismatically, in union with Mary to whom the Canonical Visit was entrusted, they prayed together: “I entrust them to you, is the Word that Our Lady said to Mother Mazzarello. Today, as Province, we still want to listen to these words in the mediation of Sister Assunta who, as Mother and sister among us, represents Our Lady. All the sisters of the Province entrust themselves to her so that she can accompany and guide them on their journey to be sure they are living the charismatic and Salesian vocation and mission.”

In the afternoon, Fr. Ilidio Correia, SDB, presided over the solemn Eucharist at the beginning of the visit. After his greeting in the Japanese language, he brought to mind that on the first Sunday of Lent, the liturgy offers the opportunity to meditate on the story of Jesus’ temptation in the desert, the victorious clash of Jesus with the evil one. Then, he invited the assembly to view temptation as a sign that the wicked can take control of life. Overcoming temptation is like winning a competition.

On March 2 in the afternoon, Sister Maria Assunta met with Provincial Council and invited them to reflect on governing by animating – animating by governing. The Council presented a brief summary on the actual context of the two countries, Timor and Indonesia, the economic development, education, politics, and reality of the TIN Province. Then with the Councilors, Sister Maria Assunta went to the Community of St. John Bosco of Dili Balide (East Timor), to present the medal to the five New Postulants.

On the morning of the 3rd, the Visitator met with the Councilors and Community Animators, spoke about the importance and significance of the Canonical Visitation; clarified the aims of the Canonical Visit: to strengthen the bond of charity, to empower the commitment of fidelity to the Constitutions, and to encourage the increase of works as a response to local needs in the spirit of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello. The Animators shared the biggest challenges of community life and the aspects deemed most important for living the experience of personal and community encounter in the communities.

In the afternoon, the Teams of the different Sectors presented their commitment and teamwork to animate the Mission of the Province. After listening to each sector, Sister Maria Assunta encouraged each Sector to know the profile of the ‘leader’ well, according to the Gospel and Salesian style.”

A leader is:

  • a person who serves its members without falling into authoritarianism
  • a humble person recognizes his or her inability before the greatness of God
  • a “good Shepherd” person who loves the community and gives her life for the members.
  • a person who walks behind the people, to help those who are left behind
  • a person with a “long patience” does not leave things as they are
  • a person who knows how to forgive. It also means forgetting
  • a person who knows how to gather the resources of all the members, welcomes difference as a wealth and enjoys with her family in building together
  • a person who prays to the Holy Spirit, knows how to orientate to freedom and accompany each person’s journey
  • a person who can speak with an authoritative word that comes from the heart.
  • a person who builds a trusting relationship with everyone
  • a person who knows how to make everyone a protagonist and knows how to motivate
  • a person who knows how to orient by encouraging the thinking of the members and helps them to converge
  • a person who coordinates teamwork by promoting collaboration and mutual help
  • a person who knows how to decide, choosing the best things and taking responsibility for everything, including the failure of others.

On 4 March, the Visitator continued the Canonical Visitation in the Community of St. Joseph of Dili Comoro (East Timor), and will continue in all the other communities in the TIN Province. She will have several meetings with the past pupils, the young SYM, lay people, student families, groups of the Salesian Family, the Bishops in 5 Dioceses, (three in Timor and two in Indonesia), Apostolic Nuncio, and the Oratories.




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