Rome (Italy). Close to the celebration of the Bishops’ Synod on ‘The Young, the Faith, and Discernment’ the Salesian Pontifical University and the Pontifical Faculty of the Science of Education Auxilium, with the collaboration of the Youth Pastoral Sector, are organizing the International Congress on ‘The Young and Choices of Life: Educational Perspectives’. The Congress intends to offer a contribution to the study of the youth world in relationship to the choices of life based on a specific point of view that qualifies the university research in the area of the sciences of education and in the more general perspective of Christian pedagogical humanism that is the foundation of the Preventive System of St. John Bosco.

The thematic choices of the four sessions of the Congress assume the methodological perspective of the Synod Preparatory Document:

Listen to the multiple and plural youth worlds to know them and to recognize in the young challenges and opportunities to form them for choices understood as “an exercise in authentic human freedom and responsibility”;

Study the rapport – the young and choices of life from the point of view of anthropological, theological, and pedagogical reflection to accompany the young in the difficult task of transitioning to adult life and the building of their own identity;

Offer some perspectives of educational and pastoral interventions starting with the original contribution of the Salesian educative charism expressed in the criteria of prevention and integrate the theoretical proposals with the presentation of some good practices of journeys to educate the young in the diversified areas of life.

The session “Confronting experience” aims at socializing excellent practices present in the educational experience of the Salesian Family on the five continents for forming the young for choices of life.

The areas chosen respond to the integral perspective that characterizes Salesian education in the perspective of the Preventive System:

  1. Accompaniment of the choice within scholastic and catechetical journeys
  2. Accompaniment of the choice within informal proposals: oratory, volunteering
  3. Preparation and accompaniment for matrimony
  4. Vocational direction and specific vocational Pastoral
  5. Education to choices through the new media

This is the Site to learn more about the Congress:

(You are invited to spread this, also on the social network through hashtag #giovaniesceltedivita)

Soon the Provinces will be receiving a letter from the General Councilor for the Youth Pastoral Sector with information about participants and the infrastructure.


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