Makuyu. (Kenya). On January 22 to 26, Makuyu in Kenya hosted the formation meeting on the New Guidelines for the Formation Phase of Temporary Vows. Sr. Nieves along with Sr. Maria Fisichella of the Formation Sector, presented the document that was elaborated with the involvement of the Temporary Professed and the formation communities.

The icon accompanying this lengthy experience was that of the Marriage Feast of Cana. The participants were the Provincials, Formators, community Animators, and Province Formation Coordinators of the 9 Provinces of the Interprovincial Conference of Africa and Madagascar(CIAM). These were five days of intense and enriching work on how to accompany the Temporary Professed.

The Meeting had three goals:

– Entrust to the Provinces with the Guidelines on the Formation Phase of Temporary Vows so that they can be implemented and inculturated in a concrete formation itinerary for the Temporary Professed of each Province.

– Share the Guidelines: “One generation narrates to another” to implement them, enculturate them, and translate them into specific formation itineraries for the stages of life.

– Evaluate together the hypotheses of the Form on the role of the Province Formation Coordinator and the guidelines for the formation of the new Animators.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the 38 participants expressed their satisfaction with the rich experience lived; for the importance and attention for formation at every stage of life; for the joy of discovering essential elements to accompany the sisters, especially the Temporary Professed; and having clearer ideas to carry out their task with love. It was beautiful to rediscover belonging to a great Family and that the Institute is, like Mary at Cana, close to us and guides us in bringing new wine for the Temporary Professed with great hope and trust in the future.


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