Fusagasugá (Colombia). On October 8-10, 2019, Villa Maria Spirituality House in Our Lady of the Rosary Province of Chiquinquirá (CBC),hosted the first inter-sector meeting on the theme: “Round Table, Chinca in Communion”.  Thirteen communities of the Province participated, in addition to those of Don Bosco Educational Foundation Schools and the Ensueño di Bogotà School.

It was not only the FMA responsible for every sector at the local level who participated (education, communication, pastoral, catechesis, administration, Salesian Family), but there was also a consistent presence of lay people with whom we share the educational and evangelizing mission.

It dealt with a true and proper round table of discussion enriched by gestures of fraternity, simplicity, and welcome, which reflected the unity of a Province that feels itself to be fully Institute and Church, with the inescapable task of being bearers of God’s love, especially to the young people.

Synergy characterized the days during times of prayer, reflection, and socialization as the Chinca Salesian Family and in sharing we discovered  that we are called to a new style of reciprocal communion and relationship to follow the Salesian charism while enriching it.

This new style characterized by synodality, as Pope Francis requested as well as the Document in Preparation for General Chapter XXIV, requires new paths of formation and animation to carry out the works.   A team was created for every sector that will strengthen and facilitate the animation of the Province.  Each will follow its own program of action for this time, while considering the planning from GC XXIII with its three options: transformed by the encounter, together with the young, missionaries of joy and of hope, and the challenges that emerged from every community in the previous visit of the Provincial Council.  From all this emerged what the management of all the sectors must be: formation and communication in the whole Province that must arouse valid experiences.

The round table opened paths to broaden our gaze and take up faith and hope with enthusiasm, in the commitment to a more incisive common formation that fully involves the educating community: FMA, teachers, students, collaborators, parents, and all those who share the Salesian charism.

In addition, this experience of communion left a fantastic challenge which is that of Educommunication as the foundation of all human relationships, able to give visibility to pastoral action.  The hope is that this beautiful encounter will ensure that Chinca develops further in a crescendo of communion.


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