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1st SFA Meeting 2023-24 – SYM Lombardy – Emilia

Lombardy-Emilia (Italy). On 11 and 12 November 2023, at the Houses of the Salesians of Don Bosco in Bologna Blessed Virgin of San Luca...

A Rosary in the 150th year of the birth of Laura...

Rome (Italy). On 5 January 2023, there is the 150th anniversary of the birth of the Venerable Suor Laura Meozzi, Daughter of Mary Help...

Italy Seminar of Youth Ministry

Italy. On 8 and 9 October 2022, a Youth Ministry Seminar was held simultaneously in the 7 Provinces of the Daughters of Mary Help...

You are with us

Rome (Italy). Can the life of Mary Domenica Mazzarello be told through song and choreographic dance? Not only life, but Don Bosco's precious and...

To make Christ’s love present

Rome (Italy). On 6 August 2022 in Rome, at the Salesian Parish of Holy Mary of Hope, ten young women of the International Novitiates...

New Year’s Eve dinner … networked

Le FMA della Comunità “Maria Ausiliatrice” di Pisa (Italia) partecipano a una rete di solidarietà per offrire la cena di fine anno 2020 a 30 famiglie bisognose della città.

R.Ec.Ap project: return to school gradually

"Mother Mazzarello" Primary School of Florence of the ILS Province, activated a project to start school safely and gradually during the first two weeks of September.

Beyond that window

The video of the song to Mother Mazzarello by the young people of the Emilian Liguria Tuscany Province Our Lady of the Cenacle (ILS).

100 years lived with “with trust and love”

On April 18, 2020, Sister Margherita Gentile, FMA of the Emilia Liguria Province of Tuscany, Our Lady of the Cenacle (ILS), turns 100.

A good morning a day

The communication commission of the Salesian School Center of the FMA of Livorno, Italy, has activated a video section to start the day well.

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