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The Councilor for Social Communications, aware of the influence of this reality in different cultures, will animate the area of Social Communications in the FMA Institute and will propose guidelines to the provinces (C 130 bis).

Communicate the good well

Rome (Italy). Taking place on 2 to 22 March 2020, is the Coordinators 3.0 Online Course Communicate the good well: Inform, educate to the...

Everyone is involved in the Global Educational Pact

Rome (Italy). The contemporary world is in continual transformation and finds itself facing recurring crises.  All Nations, the different communities are indissolubly connected and...

Accompany, Discern, Integrate to be Generative Communities

Meeting of the New Animators of the Italian Provinces of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians in Rome, from 4 to 6 February 2020.

Educommunication: Prophetic Strength of the Preventive System

Manaus (Brazil). From September 2nd to 6th 2019 the 1st FMA Inter-American Communication Seminar on the topic of Educommunication: Prophetic Force of the Preventive...

A time of grace and joy

Maputo (Mozambique). On 23 August 2018 began the Canonical Visit of Sister Maria Helena Moreira, Councilor for Communications, to "Saint John Bosco" Province (MOZ). The...

Formarsi perché le parole e i gesti siano veri, autentici, affidabili

Roma (Italia). Si rinnova il 27 e 28 aprile 2018, presso l’Università Pontificia Salesiana di Roma (UPS), l’appuntamento con le Giornate Salesiane di Comunicazione:...

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