Manaus (Brazil). From September 2nd to 6th 2019 the 1st FMA Inter-American Communication Seminar on the topic of Educommunication: Prophetic Force of the Preventive System, organized by ECOSAM, takes place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, at the Salesian Institute of Pius XI.

In line with GC XXIII that renewed the charismatic choice of Educommunication and the challenges of the contemporary world, the seminar proposes a re-reading of Educommunication from the point of view of the Preventive System, as a prophetic force in the contemporary context.

We live in a context of great social, political, economic, religious, and technological changes that influence all dimensions of the human being and, at the same time, we face great social inequalities and visions of the world that lead to individualism, subjectivism, and rationalism. In this scenario, the anthropological vision that is formed is often distorted and does not correspond to the personal vision proposed by the Christian faith. These elements must be considered in such a way that alternatives are sought intentionally and with planning in view of the integral education of the person.

The Synod on young people was a provocation to rethink our work regarding youth cultures, so that we could make meaningful proposals capable of transforming the reality in which we work” (Ecosam Team).

The seminar is a space for dialogue, study, and sharing of experiences to qualify the educational work and promote the culture of encounter that forms and transforms.

The specific objectives: to share educational and Educommunication experiences (good practices) of the different American realities; to study the Educommunication starting from a critical vision of reality; to elaborate a proposal in practical and reflective continuity with Communication, starting from the Preventive System; reread the formative itineraries and the Youth Pastoral Projects in a transversal perspective of Educommunication.

There are about 70 participants: Provincials, Conference Presidents, Communication Coordinators, Delegates of Formation and Youth Ministry of each Conference, lay people and experts, the Ecosam Coordinator Sister Marcia Koffermann, the Councilor for the Sector for Social Communication Sr. Maria Helena Moreira, and the collaborators Sr. Rosa Mollo, Sr. Elisa Molinari, and Sr. Gabriella Imperatore.

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