Hlaing Thar Yar (Myanmar). The Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of the Community of St. John Bosco of Hlaing Thar Yar, in Myanmar – Mary Our Help Province of Cambodia-Myanmar (CMY) – expressed their closeness and solidarity with some families of a slum close to the Community, helping them to repair and make their homes are safer.

In this time of the Covid-19 pandemic, the words of Pope Francis – “Use what God has given you and look at the poor. Look: there are many; even in our cities, in the center of our city, there are many. Do good! ” (Angelus, 15 November 2020)  – resounded as a challenge for the FMA who live in the heart of a slum in Hlaing Thar Ya, to go out in search of the poorest.

Since August 2020, the FMA have been distributing food parcels in the area where they live, discovering an increasing number of families living in miserable homes and in degradation. During the rainy season, it becomes difficult for them to sleep and cook due to the water that enters the holes in the roof of the huts.

Capanne Myanmar

Seeing the situation, they strongly felt the call to provide them with safe shelters.  With the help of benefactors, they were able to bring the necessary help. The sisters visited the families, talked with them, and investigated the situation, offering themselves for repairs.

With the collaboration of the parents of the children of Don Bosco Nursery School, they were able to accomplish the dream of giving a safe haven to 14 families. The small houses (2.5m x 4m) have been refurbished with bamboo panels for the walls, zinc sheet for the roofs, and plywood for the floor.

When the work was completed, the FMA went to visit the families, giving them a Bible and wishing them that God be present in the new house and in their hearts. The Buddhist families welcomed the gift with great respect and expressed gratitude to the FMA and benefactors for the new home:

“Now, with our children, we can sleep peacefully without fear of the rain. We are very grateful to you and to your God, whom we experience through your goodness, concern, and kindness towards us and our children”.


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