Lorena (Brazil). On 14 February 2022, Sr. Célia Regina Querido and Sr. Zenilde Aparecida Fontes, Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, respectively Rector and Vice-Rector of Teresa of Avila University Center (UNIFATEA) of Lorraine, São Paulo, of the Province of Our Lady Aparecida (BAP), received a “Mention of Applause” (moção de aplausos) from the City Council.

The recognition was conferred by the Mayor of Lorraine, Mr. Fábio César Fernandes Longuinho and by the Councilor, Mrs. Wanessa Andréa, in the presence of other municipal Councilors, to the University Center, represented by the new Rector, in office since 20 January 2022 and by the Deputy Rector, underlining its educational-pastoral relevance for the Municipality of Lorraine and for the whole Region:

“The present Mention of Applause is justified by the work carried out in the Teresa D’Ávila University Center – UNIFATEA and by the difference it makes in our Educational Community of Lorraine and the Region, above all because it gives continuity to the dream of Sr. Olga de Sá, who dedicated her entire life to honoring the ‘yes’ of Don Bosco and Mother Domenica Mazzarello in favor of Youth. (…)

Therefore, this Assembly recognizes how much the Teresa D’Ávila – UNIFATEA University Center strengthens its roots in solidarity, respects and values differences, and looks with responsibility “at every fragment of science, philosophy, and truth as a reflection of the infinite truth that is the Word of the Father”.

Saint Teresa Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Management Body of Teresa D’Ávila University Center – UNIFATEA, was founded on 19 December 1954, recognized by the Ministry of Education as a philanthropic body in the same year, and declared of “public utility” in 1973. The Teresa D’Ávila – FATEA Integrated Faculties, in 2013, proposed accreditation to the responsible entities of the federal system of Higher Education, starting in 2016 the activity as a University Center. From the Municipality of Lorraine and from the Region, the Institution began to be recognized with the UNIFATEA trademark.

Sr. Olga de Sá (1928-2020), Daughter of Mary Help of Christians, educator and writer of books on poetry, philosophy, and literary criticism, was Professor and Rector of Teresa D’Ávila Integrated Faculties since 2014, a position that she carried out with great ability in discernment and inserting herself with profound humanity and educational passion into the social and civil fabric of the territory.

UNIFATEA continues to contribute to the integral formation of Professionals and the local community, promoting on the basis of the Preventive System of Don Bosco and the Charism of Mother Mazzarello, active citizenship according to the principles of reason, scientific commitment, religion, growth in spirituality, and loving-kindness, the love manifested in the works.


  1. Parabéns à nova Reitora -Ir. Celia Regina Querido e à Vice-Reitora Ir.Zenilde Fontes pelo empenho e profissionalismo com que estão levando à frente, com espirito salesiano-mornesino ,no espaço teológico do Centro Cultural UNIFATEA, a missão carismatica, herança de S.João Bosco e de Madre Maria Mazzarello!


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