Bratislava (Slovak) On 20 October 2020, the leaders of the Free-time Centers groups and the ‘Laura’ Groups of the Slovak Province of St. John Bosco (SLK) participated in the online meeting to discuss the start of the new pastoral year’s activities and health measures for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Centro tempo libero Slovacchia

Present at the meeting, coordinated by the Provincial Councilor Sr. Marta Baňasová, were the leaders of the Free-time Centers of the FMA Communities of Humenné, Dolný Kubín, and Dubnica nad Váhom.

“The Free-time Centers are important works for our Communities because of our Charism. It is a great opportunity to be able to be with children and young people in an informal way and share free time with them, in which they are free from school commitments”.

Although the activities in the presence of the Free-time Centers are suspended due to the health emergency, the FMA and the animators continue to meet children and young people in the virtual environment.

The FMA Community that manages one of the Free -Time Centers has made itself available to collaborate with the civil and health authorities of the city, making the Center’s environments available.


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