Pali Hill (India). On 29 February 2020, the Auxilium Convent High School, in Pali Hill – Bandra (Mumbai) of St. Mary Mazzarello Province (INB), received the recognition for the ‘Greenest School’ during the ceremony of the “Green School” Campaign.

During the ceremony, the Male Memorial Foundation announ ced a cash prize for the Auxilium Convent High School in Bandra, Pali Hill. The success of this project is due to the enthusiasm and active participation of students and teachers.

The Green Schools Campaign is an exciting practical program open to all schools in Mumbai, which educates children about their responsibilities towards the environment and offers them the opportunity to be effectively involved in relevant environmental projects. This campaign took off in 2010 with 12 participating schools and that number has now grown to over 50 schools!

The theme of the tenth edition (2019-2020) of the campaign is “Breathe Free”! Breathe freely and breathe clean air. Air pollution today is not just one of the biggest environmental challenges we face, it has emerged as one of the biggest environmental threats. Toxic substances that pollute the air, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ground-level ozone, hydrocarbons, and lead are all harmful to  human health and can even cause death.

At the end of each edition of the Campaign, the best performing school receives the “Greenest School Award” which consists of a plaque of recognition and a cash prize.

The activities of the year were carried out by the students of the Eco-Club with the guidance of Teacher Yolanda Ferreira and Sister Judy Gaikwad. The team has constantly endeavored to refine ecological practices and have undertaken new initiatives that have made their environmental program unique.


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