Rome (Italy). What better occasion than the Solemnity of St. John Bosco to inaugurate the CommTalkS initiative, with the video-publications created by the Area for Communication of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians?

With Mother Chiara Cazzuola’s word, it begin a series of publications, short videos or webinars, on various current topics. In launching the first webinar, Sister Maria Ausilia De Siena, General Councilor for Social Communication, presents its meaning and purpose:

“They are small training inputs, which can also be used for animation in communities, which, as foreseen by the six-year program, could be useful in creating a shared vision of the culture of communication despite the diversity of expressions.

These publications are unified by the CommTalkS logo:

Comm recalls the English terms Communication and Community to underline the transversality of communication which enables us to read together with a critical sense the different aspects of reality.

Talk indicates the desire to promote reflection and discussion in a debate that involves and is accessible to the greatest number of people, educating communities and young people.

The S recalls Salesianity as a lifestyle that we want to deepen and update to increasingly rediscover the Preventive System as a valid educational method, in a complex and disoriented society like the current one.

“Communicating is life” is the theme addressed by Mother in the first video, in which she states: “Communicating is entering into the mystery of God, of the other, of the world. It is the ability to relate to others. It is a skill that each of us reaches on the path of our existence and matures through numerous encounters, from the family to that of society in all its expressions. In reality, we can understand who we are and how much we are worth only through dialogue with others”.

And thus specifies the charismatic importance of communication: “For us Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, communication is a fundamental dimension of our life and mission. Indeed, we live a spirituality that is based on a communicative relationship, a relationship that reaches everyone and tries not to neglect anyone”.

The videos and webinars will be in synergy with the official website of the Institute and the DMA magazine that this year will deal extensively with the theme of peace.

This video will be followed by a webinar entrusted to Mother Yvonne Reungoat who will tell about her experience at the recent Synod of Bishops, answering the questions asked by young people around the world.

The videos have subtitles in five languages.


  1. Grazie Madre Chiara per questa nuova opportunità che ci dai per vivere con entusiasmo e gioia la nostra vocazione e missione. Un abbraccio Sr. Maria Bertilla Gomiero


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