Marbella (Spain) In these days of uncertainty and fear, hope, joy, solidarity, and gratitude must be even more present.  With the idea that the best of the human being comes from the heart, from a group of young people belonging to the reality of the Community Virgen del Mar of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians (Málaga – Spain), comes the initiative  ‘Letters from the heart’.  It consists of gathering messages of encouragement, designs, letters, and everything that creativity can suggest to reach people who are suffering and are in close contact with this pandemic.

The ones who receive these messages are in fact, patients in hospitals, health personnel of the hospitals, Health Centers and nursing homes, cleaning staff, staff of residential structures for minors or of other communities, researchers, safety workers, clerks, ambulance drivers, pharmacists, volunteers from social entities, and NGOs (Caritas, Red Cross, meal providers, food distribution), farmers, and breeders, and other groups committed to helping overcome this crisis.

At the moment, the letters addressed to the sick and health personnel are sent to Costa del Sol Hospital of Marbella (Málaga) and to the Regional Hospital of the Axarquía – Vélez Málaga (Málaga). The desire of the Communication Sector of the Province, which is spreading the initiative, is to extend it to all of Spain, reaching more points that are in need.

It is possible to collaborate in different ways:

  • Writing a message or a letter of encouragement and sending it to the e-mail address indicated below, specifying in the subject to which group it is addressed or if it is in general, in order to facilitate the task of classifying them and thus speeding up the arrival of the message to the desired destination.
  • By publicizing this initiative among your contacts and social network pages, so that more people are encouraged to write.
  • Presenting the initiative to hospitals, residences, supermarkets or other facilities and asking if they wish to receive letters for their employees or the elderly and sick. If the answer is yes, you must request a contact email and send it to the FMA email address, indicating in the subject: Request for letter.
  • Contacting the FMA directly via the email address to receive messages.

For each of these options, the reference email address is:

All messages sent to the indicated email address will be published on Facebook accounts:

Cartasconcorazón Salesianas and Instagram: @cartasconcorazon  and as far as possible, sent to the people to whom the message is addressed.



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