Rome (Italy). From 27 to 30 June 2018, the Triennial Verification of Mary, Mother of the Church (RMC) and the General House (RCG) took place in Rome, at the FMA General House. The slogan was: For new wine, in new wineskins. The participants at the Verification represented the community B. Eusebia Palomino, the communities of Auxilium Mother Angela Vespa and M. Mazzarello, the communities of Mother Ersilia Canta, Sr. Teresa Valsè, Casa Paolo VI (Concesio), and Mary Help of Christians General House were 40; the Mother General of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Mother Yvonne Reungoat, and 5 General Councilors, Sr. Maria Luisa Miranda, Sr. Alaide Deretti, Sr. Runita Borja, Sr. Vilma Tallone, and Sr. Piera Cavaglià.

“The triennial Verification is an opportunity that the Institute offers us to revive the awareness of our charismatic Identity, reread experience lived in the light of the Word of God and the challenges of today, and project ourselves with new hope for the future. The verification is a meaningful experience for all to review the impact that the great entrustment has in us and in the communities: To broaden our gaze to be with the young missionaries of hope and joy “. The triennial verification has a twofold purpose: to verify the post-chapter journey and to offer indications for the theme of the next GC XXIV.

The first day on 27 June began with the prayer of invocation to the Holy Spirit and the greeting of the Pre-Province Superior Sr. Maria del Carmen Canales who, recalling the theme “For new wine, new wine skins” of the Assemblies of the post-chapter verification said: “We want to go home with new wine to be introduced into new wineskins. But for our communities to be new wineskins, it will be useful to live these days letting ourselves be enlightened, also by the presence of some young people, by the gift given to us by the Church last week (6/19/2018) in presenting the Working Instrument for the next Synod on young people. In these days we too want to: recognize by participating in God’s gaze on reality; interpret beyond ideas and going deep into a biblical and anthropological, theological and ecclesiological, pedagogical and spiritual level to arrive at an integral and symphonic vision; choose to arrive at making courageous and forward-looking decisions in light of the path we will take. We hope to come, as a community of the Generalate and Pre-Province Houses to shared choices, to arrive at concrete, prophetic, and practical decisions that will help us on the path of pastoral and missionary conversion”.

Sr. Marisa Chinellato, animator of Madre Ersilia Canta Community related the experience lived by the preparatory commission for the triennial verification, recalling the various moments of the days and the methodology chosen for the work of reflection and discernment.

Every day was marked by the intervention of Mother General M. Yvonne. The first theme that Mother Yvonne offered was “In the memory of the Call”. Mother said: “To allow Jesus to form and transform us, we must make ourselves be found by him, assimilate his feelings, live with him and in him, give ourselves to him, live in the encounter and of the encounter. In the encounter with Jesus, our whole being is illuminated and transformed. It takes another form, another physiognomy: that of Jesus. Then we feel with Jesus the need to meet others, to make ourselves a gift in the mission, which is his mission. To live the power of love with which Jesus has loved us personally, has called us, and continually sends us to bring the same proclamation of happiness especially to the world of youth, it is necessary to remain in this love. The Encounter with Jesus, if it is true, leads to the encounter with others. We entrust ourselves to Mary, the woman of the encounter, with her maternal solicitude, attentive and thoughtful, intuitive and active. The Mother of Jesus, with her style of life, forms us in docility to the Spirit, motivates us to weave simple, direct, cordial relationships, person to person, to live the mission together “.

In the late afternoon there was a meeting with Fr Carlo Maria Zanotti SDB, who presented the Lectio Divina on the passage taken from the Gospel of Mark 2,22: “For new wine, new wineskins”. “The new wine is Jesus. He is the absolute novelty. And the news that Jesus brought, the good news, is that God loves us regardless of our behavior, that God’s love cannot be merited, but only accepted. This is the new wine, which indicates a completely new relationship with God: you do not have to do anything to be pleasing to God, but you have to accept the love of God and, with Him and like Him, go towards others “.

The day of 27 June was very rich in content, and ended with the Celebration of Vespers and the Goodnight of Sr. Piera Cavaglià who shared family news presenting, the new works and communities in the FMA Institute and highlighting the signs of the good and of charity in solidarity with the life given by our sisters in the Provinces of the World.


Verifica Triennale RMC - RCG



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