Rome (Italy). On 9 January 2024, the Youth Ministry Sector of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians published No. 20 of the YM Series entitled: “Let us build the Global Educational Pact. The Global Educational Pact in the perspective of the Preventive System” available in five languages.

The Youth Ministry Series is an instrument of ongoing formation for the Educating Communities. It offers reflections on themes relevant to the educational mission and further deepening of elements drawn from the document, “So that they may have life and life in abundance. Guidelines for the educational mission of the FMA”, with attention to the Church’s journey and to the world.

One of the reflections that emerged in General Chapter XXIV is:

“We are convinced that assuming the Global Educational Pact in the perspective of integral ecology is now a possibility for a new humanism. It is a matter of networking, in a broad educational alliance, to mature a universal solidarity.

Let us revive our commitment to caring for and accompanying the new generations. Let us renew our passion for a more open and inclusive education in order to form people capable of overcoming fragmentation and opposition” (Acts GC XXIV no. 33).

Among the guidelines for action for the Third Priority Choice – “Let us listen to the cry of young people, of the poor, and of the earth, to make, as networked educating communities courageous evangelical choices in the perspective of integral ecology” – we find this proposal:

“We welcome the Global Educational Pact in the style of the Preventive System, networking with the Salesian Family, national and international educational institutions and agencies of intercultural, interreligious, or inter-congregational character” (Acts GC XXIV p. 39).

In presenting this instrument, Sister Runita Borja, General Councilor for Youth Ministry, affirms:

“We believe that the Global Educational Pact is in profound harmony with the Preventive System. Its seven commitments:  to put the person at the center; to listen to the young generations; to promote women; to make the family responsible; to open up to welcome; to renew the economy and politics; to safeguard the common home are a formulation adapted to today, of the values and beliefs of our spirituality and educational methodology.

No. 20 of the Youth Ministry Series will help us to see how the Global Educational Pact is a call for us to revive our way of interpreting and making concrete our educational charism in these times that we live. For each of the seven Commitments of the Global Educational Pact, the material presents the following aspects: charismatic references; points to be taken into account; values; suggestions for educators.

We welcome the invitation of Pope Francis to unite our efforts in a broad educational alliance, capable of forming mature individuals able to overcome divisions and antagonisms and restore the fabric of relationships for a more fraternal humanity. With the hope of a new season of educational commitment that involves all the components of society – families, communities, schools, universities, institutions; religions, governments, men and women of culture and science, of sports; artists, media workers, the whole of humanity to sign an educational pact, committing themselves personally to undertake the seven commitments (cf. Vademecum Global Educational Pact)”.

YM Series no. 20


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