Rome (Italy). In these days dedicated to the work for the preparation of the Chapter Document, reflections and sharing of experiences enrich the journey in synodality undertaken by the Chapter members.

The Chapter experience is living in communion with joy and commitment every moment of the day, experiencing the feelings and attitudes lived by Mary at the Wedding at Cana. There is a lived sense of the presence of Mary and the breath of the Holy Spirit who is light and discernment for the revitalization of the charism.

Sr. Teresinha Ambrosim President of the Interprovincial Conference of Brazil – CIB, in an interview, shares the experience and the expectations of the new Configuration of the Provinces of Brazil.


Sr. Marie Clare Vice President of the Interprovincial Conference of Africa Madagascar – CIAM.

Africa is a young continent in the Salesian world of the FMA. In some countries, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, and South Africa, the FMA arrived in the 1980s thanks to Project Africa, spreading and vitally assuming the charism. […]

CIAM, in deep listening to the Spirit, feels called to renew itself in forming communities in which all the sisters feel involved in the common mission of proclaiming Christ with words and credible witness.

Communities are places of fraternity, of formation in catechesis and in the promotion of an experience of faith lived through teaching, prayer, celebration, and living in charity. …

The Chapter experience urges us to walk together in synodality, as the African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone;  if you want to go far, go together”.

Looking at the many sufferings of our people, especially of the poorest to whom we are sent by charism, we feel we are growing in the awareness that evangelizing education is the sure way to help us dream and open ourselves to a future of hope. Opening ourselves to dialogue and networking to give meaningful educational responses to human and spiritual growth. […]





  1. Ir.Terezinha sua expectativa é a nossa,muito animadora cheia de entusiasmo traduzido em ações concretas do dia a dia em nossa Comunidade para luzir no mundo dos destinatarios. V Obrigada pelo otimismo contagiante.


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