Seoul (South Korea). On 24 May  2021, Solemnity of Mary Help of Christians, in Seoul the capital of South Korea, seven aspiring members of the Association of Mary Help of Christians (Primary ADMA) made the Promise, forming the ADMA Seoul Group.

ADMA Primaria is an association of lay people faithful to Don Bosco’s charism, who all over the world undertake to live their daily lives by imitating Mary and placing themselves as children under her mantle.

The ADMA Seoul Group began the period of formation in 2017. During this time, the seven aspirants, accompanied by the Spiritual Animator, Sr. Susanna Lee, Daughter of Mary Help of Christians of Morning Star Province (KOR), studied the spirituality of Don Bosco and the history of the Association during the weekly meetings held at the Provincial House of Mary Help of Christians in Seoul.

The Eucharistic Celebration with the Promises, presided over by Fr. Marcello Baek, Salesian of Don Bosco, Vicar of the Korean Holy Martyrs Province (KOR), took place in the chapel of the FMA Provincial House with the participation of the Provincial, Sr. Cecilia Kim, of some FMA of the communities of Seoul, and of the young people.

The seven candidates in pronouncing the words of the Promise, committed themselves to live everyday life in the family, at work, in civil and ecclesial society, bearing witness to their fidelity to Christ, following Don Bosco’s teachings and examples and trusting in the maternal help of Mary.

Interviewed, each answered the question: what has changed in your life after joining ADMA?

  • “In the three years of formation, I studied the ADMA Regulations, the Introduction to the Devout Life of St. Francis de Sales, and the mission of the Association by consulting the ADMA website. Thus I begin to model my life according to the spirituality of Don Bosco and Mary Help of Christians. My family was surprised and rejoiced saying: ‘Our mother has changed.’ Following Mary’s example, I’m trying to treat everyone with more kindness”.
  • “My participation in the parish community has changed a lot. In this difficult time of the pandemic I am close to the parents of the children in catechesis, patiently reminding them not to give up sending their children to catechism class. I have become stronger in faith and a more effective ‘missionary’ among the parish faithful”.
  • “Following Don Bosco’s spirituality in daily life, a year ago I started preparing a daily packed lunch and sharing it with some needy people close to us. When I see the joy on the faces of those who receive lunch, I feel really happy and full of joy”.
  • “After embarking on the path of spirituality and formation of ADMA, my approach to life has changed. I started praying with my husband and recently my newly married daughter and her husband started following the Holy Mass on Catholic TV, due to the lockdown”.
  • “For two years, at the invitation of my parish friend, I began to attend ADMA formation with the FMA. At the first meeting I was struck by the topic ‘Educating like Don Bosco’. It was a big change in my view of education. It wasn’t about competition, but about making children and young people feel that they are loved. ‘Mom, you have changed!’  My children have realized that their mother has changed with the kindness of Don Bosco”.

With the new ADMA Seoul Group, which joined the first Group born in Gwangju in 2016, there are now two ADMA groups in South Korea, 80 groups in the East Asia – Oceania Region (EAO), and more than 800 groups throughout the world.

Gruppo ADMA Seoul Corea


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