Rio do Sul (Brazil).  To celebrate Student Day on 11 August 2021, the Institute of Mary Help of Christians (IMA) of Rio do Sul (Santa Catarina), of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of the Province of Our Lady Aparecida (BAP) organized a week of events for students from the 6th year of the Elementary School to the 3rd year of the Lyceum.

The XXIII Student Olympics opened on 9 August. The students gathered at the Sports Gym to attend the inauguration with the athletes’ oath and the lighting of the Olympic torch. Two friendly matches between the 3rd year team and IMA employees marked the start of the matches which took place in a joyful atmosphere. For three days, the students challenged each other in competitions of soccer, dance, handball, volleyball, basketball, and ping-pong.

Salesian values were present in the games with moments of fraternity between the teams, the enthusiasm of the fans, and respect for the opposing teams were observed. Numerous medals were awarded.

After the Olympics,  Citizenship Week began with a cycle of lessons held by Experts for High School students on the theme: “Youth: Overcoming and Resilience”.

Dr. Sylvia van Enck Meira, Master in Clinical Psychology, presented some studies on the causes and consequences of technological addiction.

Dr. Gabriel Gómez, Psychoanalyst, talked with the students about Empathy. He explained what empathy is and the importance of being empathic, giving concrete examples.

The cycle of lessons concluded with the Psychiatrist Tatiana Miranda Schmidt, who addressed the issue of overcoming anxiety and depression, highlighting the consequences on people’s lives, especially adolescents, and guiding them on how to take care of themselves.

The initiatives for the Student Day were an opportunity for young people to learn about, discuss, and ask questions on current issues with a view to raising awareness and prevention.

Olimpiadi studenti - IMA Rio do Sul (BAP)


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