Rome (Italy). On 12 November  2020, the Provincial Coordinators of the Social Works of the Interprovincial Conference of Brazil (CIB) met online to share the initiatives carried out during the time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The meeting, led by Sr. Runita Borja, General Councilor for Youth Ministry, was attended by Sr. Ivone Goulart, Collaborator of the YM Sector, Sr. Silvia Aparecida da Silva, Executive Director of Salesian Network Brazil – Social Action, and the Provincial Coordinators of Youth Ministry.

Sister Runita introduced the meeting by presenting the objectives: “The meeting aims to strengthen communion as FMA in Brazil and with the Institute, sharing our experience on the pandemic and how it is reshaping the mission in favor of children, young people, vulnerable women, and families.”

Sr. Silvia Aparecida da Silva described the work of RSB – Social Action: “We are living a time we never imagined. Governments and societies are engaged against an invisible adversary, Covid-19, a pandemic that has brought about significant changes in our way of being, living, and acting. We are isolated in our homes, unable to work, to be together, and in some cases to communicate, because not everyone has access to the internet. What to do in the face of an uncertain tomorrow? As daughters and sons of the ‘dream and daring’ of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello, we must be prepared to face this new time.”

“During the meeting, the richness of the projects undertaken by the Social Works of the FMA in Brazil emerged. They show a strong commitment to reinvent themselves and seek new strategies, to be an answer in the territory, with the certainty action makes the difference for children, adolescents, and young people whose vulnerable situation is accentuated by the pandemic.”

Some critical points were highlighted, such as the increase in situations of poverty and violence, the digital divide, and others but also signs of hope, such as the awakening of creativity to respond to urgencies, the increase in culture and solidarity, a renewed approach to the digital world and to networking, also thanks to the support of  Salesian Network Brazil.


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