Rome (Italy).  On 25 April 2021, at Mother Angela Vespa House, see of the Pontifical Faculty of Educational Sciences ‘Auxilium’, the World Feast of Gratitude 2021 was celebrated, “Networked for a culture of life”.

The Superior General of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, M. Yvonne Reungoat, in response to the messages of gratitude received from the Provinces of the FMA Institute and the Salesian Family, wrote a Message, the full text of which is reported here.

“The unforgettable experience of the World Feast of Gratitude on 25 April at the see of the Pontifical Faculty of Educational Sciences ‘Auxilium‘ is very present in my heart.

It was a rich experience of communion as a ‘world family’ gathered around the educational charism, a precious gift that the Holy Spirit has given to the Church and which continues to be a source of new life for all, especially for the young people to whom the Lord sends us today.

We celebrated a feast with a heart that beats to the rhythm of love, which lives the same life shared in many languages, many different cultures, many customs, but with a single heart full of the family spirit that characterizes our spirituality.

I would like to express a special thanks for the numerous and creative messages that have reached me from the five continents on the occasion of this annual event.

With a simple and affectionate message, I intend to reach all the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, the educating communities, every young person, the laity, and the families; the members of the Salesian Family, particularly the Salesian Confreres, the people who in different ways made themselves present with affection, spontaneity, and a sense of belonging.

A special thanks to the Superior of the Preprovince, Sr. María del Carmen Canales, to the Dean of the ‘Auxilium‘ Faculty, Sr. Piera Ruffinatto, to the Sisters of the Preprovince, to all those who collaborated for the success of the feast. The ability to manage the means of communication has immersed us in the richness typical of our realities present all over the world, a connection appreciated for the quality and professionalism with which it is done.

The Holy Spirit found openness of heart and thought for the choice of the theme of the feast that was proposed to us: Networked, for a culture of life. It becomes true essentially through education and educating means giving birth to life, making it grow. It means forming persons capable in their turn, of generating new life even in this time of pandemic that has caused a strong educational emergency, a great challenge to be faced ‘networked’, together.

My wish is that active participation in the celebration will continue every day, building that indispensable ‘network’ for the charism to express itself, expand, and thus continue to give hope, to promote the culture of life that today is more important than ever, especially for the new generations.

Thanking God for the gift of life, being passionate about life, means continuing to say thank you concretely and with joy, committing ourselves to keeping lit the fire of the da mihi animas cetera tolle.

Certainly, what I have communicated to you does not express everything that I carry in my heart, but I am sure that my every expression is welcomed in all its intensity by your hearts that know how to keep alive the ‘memory’ of what has been beautifully lived and become the reason for our hope for today and for the future of our mission in the Church and in society.

I thank, also on behalf of the Sisters of the General Council, the Provincials, and each community for the generous offerings we have received and which we will use according to the indications specified in the letter sent to you.

We are now at the threshold of the month dedicated to Mary. My desire is that with her help we may truly feel like a large family: the great and beautiful Salesian Family, with different vocations, but all networked for a culture of life.

In my prayer, especially on May 24th, I will place my thanks in the hands of Mary Help of Christians so that she may be the one to make it reach you bright and warm with affection, as was your every gesture of gratitude and solidarity.

I also wish everyone a holy feast of St. Dominic Savio and St. Mary Domenica Mazzarello.

God bless you!

Rome, 30 April 2021

Sr. Yvonne Reungoat
Superior General of the FMA Institute



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