Buenos Aires (Argentina). During her visit to St. Francis di Sales Province (ABA), Mother General participated in various meetings.

November 5, 2019, was lived with a view to the future.  Mother Yvonne Reungoat met with the National Team for the Resignification (ENRA) and the Provincial Council of the three Provinces of Argentina.  Together they evaluated the national FMA meeting which took place on November 3-4, 2019, and began to plan the steps for the restructuring process they are carrying out.  Mother encouraged them to continue to take the necessary steps: “You need to walk!”.

Mother Yvonne then participated in the festivities for the 140th anniversary of FMA presence in Argentina.  On November 6, she met with the Past Pupils of Mary Help of Christians Institute of Buenos Aires, whom she thanked for their commitment, especially for their pastoral and social work, inviting them to continue with passion to follow the life of the individual centers and social works, especially in the cases of greater need.

A second meeting rich in tenderness and gratitude was with the elder FMA of the Province of Saint Francis of Sales. Mother visited San José retirement home and dialogued with the sisters, valuing each person’s life, prayer, and daily offering. She also shared with them news on the realities of other countries in the world, asking for prayers for the various problems they go through.

The day ended in the courtyard of Mary Help of Christians house in Almagro, where the young people were happy to meet her. After having participated in the various moments of reflection on the life and mission of Mornese at the origins, the young people presented to Mother the choices they consider to be priorities for today: “As young people we ask that we continue to live with joy and love. Together! With the sisters and the laity of our houses.”

After having listened to them, Mother expressed her reflections contemplating their cheerful and passionate presence in the courtyard, expressing her affection, and answering some of their questions. In summary, her answer: in the identity of the FMA, Jesus and the young are the same thing, which always, whether directly or indirectly remaining with the young, gives meaning to the vocation of each sister.

She then invited them to think of their own vocation and religious life as a possible and valid choice today for every young person. And she urged them to always seek happiness. “You are in Argentina, one of the first countries where the sisters arrived, you keep the passion of the origins; if we do not have vocations here, then where will we have them?”.

The theme thought by the animating team of the SYM of the ABA Province was: “Fill reality with color”. The presence of Mother in the courtyard of Almagro colored every young person and everyone present with hope, passion, and faith.


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