Rome (Italy)On April 26, 2020, in online mode, due to the Covid-19 emergency, the XXXV National Assembly of the Association took place TGS – Youth and Social Tourism,with the slogan “Viaggiando da casa #lìdovesei”.

The National Assembly is an opportunity for discussion between local groups and the National Association and members of local TGS members from all over Italy are invited to participate. On this occasion, the participants connected from their home via a platform.

As scheduled, the first part of the meeting saw the analysis and approval of the National Regulation 2020, the 2019 State Report of the Association by the President of the TGS, Lorenzo Napoli, the presentation of the 2019 Final Balance, and the Budget estimate 2020.

Le distanze non hanno tolto valore ai momenti di benvenuto e di preghiera iniziali e alla condivisione delle testimonianze di chi ha aderito ai progetti sostenuti dal TGS Nazionale, come “Traveling from home ”, which allow participants to discuss the different experiences and evaluate any improvements or new opportunities.

The word to the participants of the National Assembly on the online experience:

“I have heard many people these days commenting on the fact that this Covid-19 emergency is putting a strain on not only the world as a whole but also every single person in their depths. We are certainly given the opportunity to ask ourselves about our past life choices and above all we are faced with the many requests for help that come from those who have been less fortunate than others. All this could lead us to think that we are few and isolated in believing in a better future, above all we could feel alone in wanting to be significant protagonists of change. Here, the ‘online’ meetings such as yesterday at the TGS National Assembly, meetings that sooner or later will stop being only “virtual”, give us a very important testimony: when you have a common mission at heart, no one is excluded, nobody is left alone. The TGS National association is the beating heart of all the local associations of which it is composed and it is magnificent to see how from North to South, including the Center, we represent all of Italy. Each of the Associations is spent on young people and there are those who do it through the oratory, some through art and entertainment, and some through comparison with foreign cultures. We are all united by one word: tourism. Traveling beyond borders or discovering hidden treasures of our cities allows us to feel an active part of the local community and beyond”. (Chiara, TGS Eurogroup)

Another of the participants commented: “It was the most striking example of demonstration of associative life, that is, of people who really care about TGS. Alongside this, there was an atmosphere of Salesianity and an incredible sense of family (although we did not all know each other), in the simplicity and sharing of moments of prayer as well as in the beautiful testimonies that followed one another.

Partecipanti Assemblea Nazionale TGS 2020 on line


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