Rome (Italy) At a time when travel is particularly difficult due to the Coronavirus emergency, the Social Youth Tourism (TGS) of Italy offers a way to go to the virtual discovery of places, landscapes, and itineraries through consultation of websites and other online resources.

The editorial staff of the blog TGS Nazionale  invites you to travel without leaving your home, through the first-person story of some volunteers who show the beauty of their region and illustrate what TGS groups from all over Italy offer with associative activity in the youth and social tourism sector, all with one click on your computer or smartphone.

Through the resources available on the net, it becomes possible to take virtual tours, admire art collections, listen to audio files or be inspired by videos that tell of unmissable destinations and then, once the emergency is over, to organize a trip and reach these places together.

To this end, TGS Italy urges the active participation of volunteers from all local groups who intend to contribute through individual stories to the rubric “Viaggiando da casa” 

which will publish the interventions on a regular basis on the blog and on the TGS Nazionale social networks (Facebook and Instagram).

Volunteers will be able to create a post dedicated to their city or to another significant tourist destination within their own region, possibly referring also to the activities proposed by the local TGS group, in order to appreciate the different places. It is a way to share through the web, the beauties of their lands with other TGS groups from all over Italy and make this moment of break from associative activities meaningful.

T.G.S., Turismo Giovanile Sociale, is an Association of Social Promotion that deals in particular with the tourism of young people and more generally with the various forms of social tourism, privileging the cultural and educational dimensions of the tourist experience and the association proposal. It was established as an association on 28 February 1968 and is promoted by the CNOS (National Center for Salesian Works) and CIOFS (Italian Center for Salesian Female Works). In 2007 it obtained recognition as a Social Promotion Association. It is divided along the national territory and has its headquarters in Rome. From north to south operate the various associations which are  affiliated to the national headquarters that is the driving force.

At this link of the blog on can find the information for participating in the initiative.


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