(Karakosh) Iraq. From 12 to 24 September 2018 two FMAs of the Province of the Adolescent Jesus (MOR) carried out a “Radius Mission” to Karakosh in Iraq.

The two FMA were welcomed at the Erbil airport in Iraq by a refugee family in Aincawa in the North, waiting to cross the border from Kurdestan to Karakosh. It was moving to hear of the family’s exile and to recognize the goodness of God and His providence.

On the journey to Karakosh by taxi, the driver showed refugee camps of Christians and Muslims and then the renovated houses that today are a sign of rebirth.

The Sisters met His Excellency John Petrus Mushi, Bishop of Karakosh and then the parish priest Roni Mumika with whom they planned and organized activities for young people of different age groups.

They were at the Association that takes care of women in the area of Akra, about 560, for which the parish priest is responsible along with some lay volunteers.

They met around 200 children, from first grade elementary to first grade of the middle school, and animated various activities and games on the theme of sincerity.

At the Seminar they met about 100 young people who form the choirs of five parishes, to whom they spoke about Don Bosco and Salesian spirituality, along with games and bans.

The FMA also animated a group of about 150 young people and teenagers, telling the life of Don Bosco and organizing games.

They visited families, listening, consoling, admiring their courage, and sowing Salesian joy everywhere.

This experience strengthened their faith. People said: “They can destroy everything, but they do not take away our faith …, With our Christian life we can be a ferment in our society. Here is our history and here will be our future!”



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