(South America). On 2 February  2021, the Pre-Chapter Assembly of the Interprovincial Conference of Bolivarian Nations – CINAB was held online to share in-depth information on the Working Document of the XXIV General Chapter, in light of the challenges that emerged in this time of the Covid-19 Pandemic.

In February and September 2020, the CINAB Conference met for the preparation of the celebrations and the works to be presented to GC XXIV.

Sr. Silvia Boullosa, Visiting Councilor and Referent of CINAB, the Provincials, and Delegates to the XXIV General Chapter of the Provinces BOL, CBC, CBN, CMA, CMM, ECU, VEN, PER were present at the various meetings.

Sr. Marleny Patiño, Provincial of St. Mary Mazzarello Province of Medellin (CMM) and President of the Conference,  welcomed the participants and invited them to celebrate the meeting in an attitude of openness to the Holy Spirit, to share their experiences with joy and hope from the communities in the Provinces on the study of the theme of GC XXIV “Do whatever he tells you” (Jn 2:5). Communities that generate life in the heart of contemporaneity, and to give new contributions to the Working Document of GC XXIV.

The Visiting Councilor expressed words of encouragement and hope on behalf of Mother General, Sr. Yvonne Reungoat, and the Sisters of the Council. She exhorted the sisters to have the daily experience with the educating community to be generators of life today as vocational, synodal, missionary, and prophetic communities. In the celebration of the Feast of Consecrated Life she urged us to live with joy, gratitude, and creativity.

How to be generators of life in today’s history was the focus around which prayer, reflection, and the socialization of contributions developed in the CINAB meeting.

Each Provincial shared the experience of the work done in the communities, in the Teams, and in the Provincial Councils. Each contribution was listened to with attention from which the most relevant aspects for each nucleus were highlighted.

The Interprovincial Conference of Bolivarian Nations recognizes that the contemporary context marked by the Covid-19 pandemic, an unexpected and unforeseen reality, has generated a strong impact on the way of living  Consecration. Therefore, we are called to grow in the social dimension of the praxis of the mission, in networking, in the reconstruction of fraternity, in the culture of encounter and care for life.


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