(Brazil). On 16 January  2021, the Pre-Chapter Assembly of the Interprovincial Conference of Brazil – CIB was held online. The Provincials and Provincial Delegates of the Provinces of the Conference participated: BBH, BCG, BCB, BMA, BMT, BPA, BRE, BRJ, BSP.

In the heart of contemporaneity, the Provincial Communities were urged to study the Working Instrument of GCXXIV, in light of the changes and challenges of the current reality marked by the Covid-19 Pandemic, in view of GCXXIV.

Each Province reflected and the involving local realities, allowed itself to be guided by the methodology of community discernment adopted for GC XXIV in “recognizing, interpreting, and identifying” the significant elements to be “generators of life” today, as vocational, synodal, missionary, and prophetic communities.

On 18 December 2020, in the online mode, lay people and young people were also involved who through sharing lived experiences, highlighted the requests and steps to continue the journey with hope.

On 16 January  2021, the Provincials and delegates to GCXXIV of all the Provinces of the CIB Interprovincial Conference met together online. After the greeting of Sr. Alaíde Deretti, Councilor of the Missions Sector and Coordinator of the Conference, the summary of the work carried out in the individual Provinces was shared, to which modifications and integrations were made.

The final document is a further contribution to the in-depth study on the theme of GCXXIV: “Do whatever he tells you”. Being   generative communities in the heart of contemporaneity, and will be sent to the Regulator of GCXXIV, Sr. Chiara Cazzuola, Vicar General.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Sr. Alaíde Deretti encouraged everyone to continue the journey by welcoming the new horizons that are glimpsed and gave a blessing to the new configuration of Brazil which will be celebrated on 2 February  2021



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