Brazil. From 18 to 20 August 2020, the Salesian Network Brazil – Schools (RSB-Schools) organized the annual meetings XVIII ENARSE – National Meeting of the Salesian School Network – and XI ENEL – National Meeting of Local Economics -, in online mode, due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Connected  were more than 500 participants between Provincials, Animators, Institutional Directors, Provincial Bursars, Local Bursars, and Pedagogical Directors/Supervisors/Coordinators, National and local Youth Ministry Coordinators, and Educational Leaders.

To open the meeting there were the Provincial Referents of the RSB Schools who welcomed and greeted the participants: Sr. Maria Carmelita Conceição, Provincial of Laura Vicuña Province of Manaus (BMA), and Fr. Nivaldo Pessinatti, Provincial of the SDB Province of Recife; the Referents of the Salesian Schools in America (ESA) – Sr. Ivone Goulart Lopes and Fr. René Antonio Gonzalez – and the Executive Directors of the RSB-Schools, Sr. Adair Aparecida Sberga and Ana Paula Costa de Silva.

The theme of this edition was: “Leadership goes online: strengthening our educational mission in times of the pandemic and post-pandemic”, proposed with the aim of broadening the vision of leadership in the management of relationships in education, to share the work proposal of the Life Project in Schools in 2021, to reflect on the potential and challenges of Hybrid Education in the post-pandemic economic scenario, and on its impacts and opportunities for Salesian schools.

The results of the research on logistics and the Academic Management System and the proposals for restarting schools were also presented. The ongoing projects and the production of the RSB-Schools Working Groups were socialized. The map of the Salesian Schools based on the research of the National Association of Catholic Education (ANEC) and their potential in network management was also presented.

The moments of prayer during the three days were coordinated by Sr. Vânia Ojeda, FMA and by Fr. Wagner Luís Galvão, SDB; the Coordinators of the National Team of the Youth Pastoral Commission, by Fr Waldomiro Bronakowski, SDB and Sister Silvia Aparecida da Silva.

The conferences were in line with the particular time we are living. Fr. Eduardo Pinheiro, SDB, spoke on the theme: “The Educating Community and the Student’s Life Project” and Sister Adair Sberga and Ana Paula Costa de Silva presented the “Life Project for RSB Schools for 2021”. In his lecture, Prof. Adriano Canabarro Teixeira presented the theme: “Hybrid teaching in the post-pandemic” and Economist Patrícia Palermo showed the “Economic scenario in the post-pandemic: opportunities and challenges for educational institutions”. The Directors and Coordinators of the Edebê Publishing House talked about “Logistics and Academic Management System” and Prof. Leoneide Rodrigues of the “Curriculum of RSB Schools and Guidelines for the education of children”. Ricardo Mariz and Leonardo Soares presented the “Map of the Salesian Schools” and the Edebê Directors and Editors presented the Edebê Publishing House.

The meeting was closed by the Vice-president of RSB, Sr. Ana Teresa Pinto, Provincial of the Nossa Senhora da Penha Province of Rio de Janeiro (BRJ) and by the referent Provincials of the RSB schools, Sr. Maria Carmelita Conceição and Fr. Nivaldo Pessinatti.


  1. Felicitaciones por tener una mirada amplia a la realidad de la educaciòn en este tiempo donde todo ha cambiado y se necesita encontrar. la nueva forma de gestion fomentando el trabajo en red


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