Nazareth (Israel). On 4 and 5 June 2021, the ceremony for the graduates of the 5th year of the High School of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians of Jesus Adolescent Community of Nazareth, Jesus Adolescent Province (MOR) took place.

In Nazareth, the FMA manage the nursery, elementary and middle school and the Lyceum, with more than 1300 students and 120 teachers. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the school was empty for a long time and the courtyards were silent. In recent months, the lessons started again. Pupils and teaching staff showed great enthusiasm in preparing for the end of year celebrations.

On 4 June 2021, the group of high school students who were unable to celebrate the end of their studies due to the pandemic in the school year 2019/2020, were able to experience this important step in their life with joy and satisfaction. On 5 June, the group for the 2020/2021 school year, consisting of about a hundred boys and girls, also celebrated the passage ceremony.

Both moments took place in the presence of the Educating Community, the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, the family members of the students, who expressed their gratitude for what they received in fifteen years – from kindergarten to high school – of cultural and educational formation, especially for the family atmosphere experienced.

In the School of the FMA of Nazareth great importance is given to interreligious coexistence, lived with serenity by children and young people  who study and play together without giving weight to religious differences.

Sr. Ibtissam Kassis, Animator of the FMA Community, in greeting the young people who are preparing to face new choices, bringing with them the values and teachings of Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello to live life as ‘good Christians and honest citizens’, says: “It is always an emotion to see them leave after fifteen years of life lived in our House, not only for us FMA. We followed them with the collaboration of the whole Educating Community. The personal memory left by each and every one remains a luminous trail of Salesianity that is not easily forgotten. And this is recognized when you meet after a few years and remember the values received in the school, put to use in the course of life. It is the true demonstration of the good that mutually enriches”.


  1. Absolutely wonderful such a ray of hope in a land that sees so much sadness. Well done to all our Sisters and the Educating Community. May Our Lady keep close to each one

  2. La passione che ho vissuto e che ancora vivo, nello stare con i bambini, i giovani e le giovani, è il DNA del mio essere FMA. Giovane tra i giovani, ho maturato la capacità di valutare i loro
    valori che rimangono sempre giovani. E adesso, che ho ottant’anni, vivo la mia vita sempre per i giovani, e questo mio sentire, mi interiorizza la vita.


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