Rome (Italy). Young people could not be missing from a conference that talks about young people: on 28 September 2022, as part of the International Congress, “The Contribution of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians to Education (1872-2022)- Paths, Challenges, and Perspectives,” was broadcast in live streaming, from the auditorium of the Generalate of the FMA Institute in Rome, Mondovision, the first evening organized by young students of the Pontifical Faculty of Educational Sciences “Auxilium” calling a gathering of young people from different Countries in the world where the FMA are present.

The evening, dedicated to beauty to express the dream of Saint John Bosco and Saint Mary Domenica Mazzarello to educate the new generations, was introduced by Sr. Ausilia De Siena and Sr. Runita Borja, General Councilor for Communication and General Councilor for Youth Ministry of the FMA Institute, who thanked the young people and the Provincial Coordinators for having contributed to the realization by sending videos that express the Preventive System embodied in the different local realities.

The common thread of the intercontinental journey in which the public, in presence and connected online, was led by the hand through videos, testimonies, songs, music, dances is the Home: the Home of young people, the Home for young people, a Home as big as the world.

“The home will be our most precious wealth, the home of encounter, of relationships between people of different ages, cultures, and histories, but they will live together and together they will help each other grow,” concludes the voice of the opening scene, which narrates the origins of the oratory.

Among the dialogues of the young presenters, Cristina and Sebastiana, alternate videos that come from afar: Africa, India, Colombia, Antilles, Thailand. These are just some of the numerous clips from the Provinces who responded enthusiastically to the initiative.

“Why are Salesian houses homes for young people?” Is the question that the joyful and self-confident guides ask the Mother General of the FMA Institute, Sr. Chiara Cazzuola. “They are homes in which the sisters love, environments in which young people can feel at home, because they are the most important people, the protagonists, and you are truly the center of our attention, of our affection, of our educational concern. As you have taken up in Don Bosco’s story, it is the idea of a home where no one feels forgotten, left aside, neglected, and this is what we are trying to do even today throughout the world. When I think of the home, Valdocco and Mornese immediately come to mind.” This is the response of Mother, who receives as a gift from the girls a T-shirt with the inscription, “Education is a thing of the heart” (St. J. Bosco).

The family climate and the atmosphere of joy and fraternity are also reflected in the story of the experience of Chiara, in the preparation and implementation of this event:

“The special detail that enriched the feast was the air of family and joy that we breathed throughout the show. The organization, which began months in advance, led to the realization of a live representation of the construction of the Salesian house starting from Don Bosco’s dream at nine. During the evening, various videos from the different Salesian houses around the world were presented and participated in with enthusiasm. Each of them showed how the Salesian charism is lived in their realities. The show was also enriched by the presence of a magician, Mago Manfy, who brought a spark of magic to the room.

Taking part in the construction of this celebration was a very important personal enrichment for us. We found ourselves collaborating with people of different realities from ours and we were able to find a meeting point between different habits and ideas. It was wonderful to be able to breathe deeply the air of a Salesian family for all these months and to have had the opportunity to conclude this journey in an atmosphere of cheerfulness, joy, and fraternity … in the hope that this is only the beginning of many other adventures to live together, under the watchful eye of Don Bosco and Mother Mary Mazzarello!”.

Final thanks go to Sr. Piera Ruffinatto, Dean of the “Auxilium” Faculty, to the young university students who animated it, coordinated by Sr. Magna Martinez, Professor of the Faculty, and to all the FMA and people who contributed to the success of this beautiful experience.

La musica e il ballo delle ragazze, insieme ad alcune giovani Docenti FMA, sulle note del brano musicale Piedi a terra e Cuore in cielo che accompagna le giornate del Convegno, coinvolgono il pubblico in sala nell’esplosione di festa finale, con l’auspicio che al primo Mondovision possano fare seguito numerose altre edizioni.

Video della serata

Foto: FlickrFMA

Video dalle Ispettorie del mondo


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