Rome (Italy). On 6 May 2022, the Mother General of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Sr. Chiara Cazzuola, during the Good night communicated to the Generalate Community (RCG) the destination of the nine new FMA missionaries.

The new missionaries, from eight Provinces and four Continents, received the missionary destination at the end of a period of discernment and prayer, accompanied by the Councilor for the Missions, Sr. Ruth del Pilar Mora.

The destinations of the new missionaries:

  1. Afebli Mawusi Mansa Mercy (AFO)

Province Mary Mother of the Church (RMC) – Community Mother Ersilia Canta

  1. Sr. ANGULO SALVIDIA Brohana Priscilla (CIL)

Province St. Joseph (ANT) – Cuba

  1. Sr. BÙI THỊ Bích Huyền (VTN)

Preprovince Mary Help of Christians (AES) – Africa Ethiopia – Sudan Sud Sudan

  1. Sr. CARRANCO LÓPEZ Ana Laura (MME)

Province St. Mary D. Mazzarello (AEC)

  1. Sr. DE OLIVEIRA MOREIRA Alessandra Maria (BMM)

Province St. John Bosco (MOZ) – Mozambique


Province Morning Star (KOR) – Mongolia

  1. Sr. GAIOSO DE ANDRADE Antonia Kelly (BMM)

Province Mary Help of Christians (BRE) – Recife

  1. Sr. KOTULA Marzena Sylwa (PLA)

Province St. John Bosco (VEN) – Venezuela

  1. Sr. SOSA BÁEZ Carmen (SPA)

Province St. Francis di Sales (ABA) – Argentina

In the Good Night, Mother Chiara recalled the importance of invoking from the Lord the gift of the missionary spirit “for those who already live in the Salesian mission and missionary life as a vocation ad gentes.” Connecting it to the Feast of St. Dominic Savio, she said, “What amazes us is the climate of holiness that was lived in Valdocco, the fact that Don Bosco made holiness pass into his educational system, as Mother Mazzarello did in Mornese, as a daily fact, achievable in one’s ordinary life, and this touched young people in the depths of their hearts.

There is also this: the courage to approach people, young people, and to make personalized proposals. On the outside, Dominic was like all the others, but he had this fire inside and Don Bosco knows how to discover it. Not only that, but he knows how to nourish and guide him to witness and to the apostolate among his companions, to the point that Dominic calls him a ‘tailor’ and uses that beautiful expression ‘I am the fabric, you are the tailor, we will make a beautiful suit for the Lord'”.

Mother thus wished the new missionaries, and all the FMA who live in contact with children and young people, the courage to be ‘seamstresses’, building an environment that makes Salesian spirituality lived on a daily basis, “which make young people feel that there is something more and different that ignites the desire for an answer, an openness, a listening to the voice of God and who knows how to orient without fear”.

The new missionaries will continue their path of formation in preparation for the mission ad gentes, finishing their courses at the Pontifical Urbania University in Rome and with the active and fraternal participation of the community experience in the FMA Generalate.


  1. “Qu’ils sont beaux es pas de ceux qui annoncent la bonne nouvelle!!! Que le Seigneur vous bénisse abondamment

  2. Felicidades a todas! En especial a Sor Ana Laura! El Señor las guíe por los caminos de la humanización desde su Amor y su Palabra. Las apoyamos con la oración!

  3. Sor Brohana Priscilla, bienvenida en nuestra provincia, te esperamos con mucha ilusión. Que el Señor te siga preparando tu corazón para tu gran misión!

    C’est une bonne nouvelle que nous recevons en ce jour marial dans ce mois marial.
    Que le Seigneur vous accompagne dans cette nouvelle mission qu’Il vous confie.
    C’est Son champs, faites-Lui confiance ❤️
    Happy for you Sr. Mercy AFEBLI🌻

  5. Gracias por vuestro Si a Dios en la misión ad gentes. Fuerza y mucha fe Dios os espera en cada lugar. Así lo experimento cada día después de estos años de misión. Que Dios os bendiga y acompañe siempre. Rezo con cariño

  6. Nous rendons grâce à Dieu pour le don de votre vocation missionnaire ad gentes. Que la Vierge Auxiliatrice vous accompagne et vous assiste toujours.

  7. Adelante. Con vuestra presencia ad gentes nos indicáis ese nuevo ámbito de la misión ad gentes entre gentes en nuestro alrededor. Todas somos misioneras!!!!! Gracias por vuestro Si..

  8. Thanks dear Sisters for your yes to the Lord. May He and his Blessed mother sustain you in your ministry


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