Rome (Italy). After the presentation of the Report on the Life of the FMA Institute on 21 September 2021, a time of study and reflection began for the Chapter members, alternating with moments of personal work, group work in commissions and sub-commissions, and then in the assembly. It is a laborious time, enriched with serene spaces of fraternity, sharing, and the Good Night.

In the evening, the Chapter members shared a significant moment at Good Night, listening to the message of the young people, representing the different provincial realities of the 5 Continents, who participated in the Provincial Chapters in preparation for the XXIV General Chapter.


Thank you for your trust. We wish you a fruitful General Chapter, under the gaze of Mary Help of Christians. We share some expectations:

  • Be mothers who take care, with responsibility and seriousness, the commitment of the formation and accompaniment of the Youth;
  • Keep at heart vocation animation.
  • Be a significant presence among the young, in all educational environments;
  • Learn about the world of youth which is in constant evolution.

In this difficult time, also due to the consequences of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we share some challenges:

  • Inequality is high, especially in rural areas where many families experience poverty;
  • Unemployment leads young people to drugs, prostitution, theft, and violence of all kinds;
  • School dropout is growing due to economic reasons.

Our hope is that you are not afraid to progress in the style of Valdocco and Mornese. Do not be afraid to be close to us, to value us, and consider us responsible actors in the proclamation of Jesus to our friends.

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(Chile): Ciao! How lovely to find ourselves together, even from a distance. We thank you for your YES to your vocation, to service, to tenderness, to the witness of wisdom and to the journey traveled together.

(Peru): For the time you dedicate to formation, embracing the life of young people who challenge your mission.

(Mexico): We are facing a complex and challenging future, which we want to change. Our life and all of humanity is continually challenged by violence and inequality, in environments where not everyone can choose who to love and where ecosystems and the sustainability of life are at risk..

(Argentina): Environments in which to express one’s beliefs, in harmony and tolerance, is not always possible … there are wars, hunger, poverty, forced migration, school dropout, unemployment, and rights are violated.

(Honduras): This is the reality in which we live and where we meet: you recognize it too, do you want to help us transform it?

(Uruguay): Keep your joy as a sign of hope. Build bridges to respond to youth challenges. And continue to be a home for the young, an open home for the poorest.

(Mexico): Harmonize the differences and let us carry out the mission together.

(Colombia): Promote a critical and innovative sense to build with young people new ways of living life in Christ in contemporary reality.

Aspirants (Paraguay): We are committed to forming ourselves and collaborating to build a life-generating community.

Postulants (Paraguay): If the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and the young people are not together, then neither are we.

(Nicaragua): Feel accompanied with our prayer, so that the Holy Spirit enlightens you. And count on our commitment and discernment to build with you communities that generate life and hope.

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  1. Queridos jóvenes GRACIAS por sus palabras, son un llamado a tomar conciencia de lo que somos, la misión que tenemos y donde estamos. Ustedes son la porción valiosa de nuestro ser FMA. Dios les bendiga!!!

  2. Thank you so much dear FMAs for giving us an opportunity to participate in this great discourse amidst the pandemic. Piacere

  3. How lovely to find ourselves together, even from a distance. We thank you for your ‘YES ‘to your vocation, to service, to tenderness, to the witness of wisdom and to the journey traveled together.

  4. Thanks a lot for your valuable presence in our Institutions. Thank you for your precious gift to each one of us dear young people. Your words and message was great. GRAZIE MILLE!

  5. Gracias Jóvenes que hermosos mensajes que nos comprometen a continuar por el camino del bien del bien que nos viene de Dios. Que el Espiritu de Dios nos lleve por el camino Soñado por Dios y deseado por la Humanidad. SER FELICES EN FRATERNIDAD

  6. You are always in our hearts dear young people. Continue to spread the Salesian Joy that comes from the heart that loves Jesus and Mary very much!

  7. Las y los jóvenes nos hacen escuchar el grito de un Dios joven que se entrego totalmente y nos dejo un reto anunciar su palabra. Gracias chicos y chicas.


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