Guaratinguetá (Brazil) In the context of social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Educating Community of Colégio do Carmo of Guaratinguetá, of St. Catherine of Siena Province of Sao Paulo (BSP), on June 26, 2020 celebrated the ‘Festa Junina’, a feast of the Brazilian tradition in honor of the patron saints of June.

The families of the Educating Community were involved in two ways: by sending videos and photos with dances, selfies, caricatures (avatars), poems, and a photo with the ‘junino corner’ set up in the houses; or by booking a ‘junino kit’ with traditional food to be collected at the School at a set time, in ‘Drive thru’ mode, passing by in a car to collect it.

During the day of June 26, numerous posts were published on the School’s social networks: videos, stories, and montages with the contents sent by the families.

“I am grateful for all that we have experienced on this day. It is certainly not the feast we were used to, but it is always our ‘festa junina’ at the School do Carmo”, said the Director of the School, Sister Teresa Cristina Pisani Dominciano in a thank you video published on social media.

The festival held at the School is one of the most important traditional moments in the São Paulo region. Although in a different form, above all online, the participants did not lose the liveliness and joy of the Salesian style.


  1. Parabéns Irmãs e Comunidade Educativa de Guaratinguetá, porque vocês não se “fecharam” em casa, mas estão em casa, com o coração e os olhos abertos às inspirações, à criatividade que o momento pode fazer surgir, para quem sabe gerir o momento.
    Um grande abraço. Não deixem de sonhar alto.
    Ir. Graça (ANG)


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