Rome (Italy). On 6 May 2023, Mother Chiara Cazzuola’s birthday, in the General House of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, the Novices of the International Novitiate Sister Teresa Valsè Pantellini of Rome performed a drama presentation of the figure of Mother Laura Meozzi, FMA, leader of the first missionary expedition to Poland in 1922.

Present at the show were Mother and the General Councilors in the house, the Community of the International Novitiate Mary Help of Christians of Castel Gandolfo, the Community of Mary Help of Christians of the General House (RCG).

Why precisely this figure and why precisely through theatre?

The Novices recount that the first choice is the result of a community discernment. “A year after the celebrations of the centenary of the presence of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians in Poland and with the cause of beatification of Mother Laura underway, we hoped that this could be another opportunity to make her known and to pray! The theater has always been the heritage of our Institute, but even this was not an obvious choice, given our little or varied experience, but with courage, enthusiasm, and even some initial fear, we accepted this challenge.”

The source of inspiration for writing the script was Mother Laura’s own life and what she promised God on the day of her first profession, 17 April 1898:

  1. Crucify body and soul with Jesus by constantly going forward on the way of the cross, without stopping and with a smile on your lips, especially in solitude and in darkness; 
  2. Allow yourself to be crucified by God and by others with gentleness and humility, in silence and gratitude;
  3. Live hidden in God;
  4. Patiently love suffering and joyfully transform oneself into Christ through charity.

Mother Laura’s travel companion, model, and guide on her journey to holiness was the living presence of Mary that she always felt close to her until the last moment of her life.

She loved the Charism, had deeply internalized Don Bosco’s love for God and for souls, and her letters have been compared to those of Mother Mazzarello.

“What Mother Laura experienced in the detachment from her family and from her sister, Sr. Rita, also a Daughter of Mary Help of Christians; the First and Second World Wars; her willingness to respond to the needs of the times; the departure for Poland and the poverty of the origins; her dedication to souls and her charismatic passion lived with sacrifice and offering; her love for Mary Help of Christians helped us to feel her close to us, to our today.

That’s why we decided to include some current testimonies in the show, in particular by emphasizing the theme of migrations; the challenge of experiencing intercultural difference in our communities, where we learn to build peace; and motherhood”.

“Only a mother remains”, said Mother Chiara at the end of the show. The hope is that Mother Laura’s strength and determination can be an example to each Daughter of Mary Help of Christians, to each woman and mother of today!

At the end of the show, together with the Community of the International Novitiate Mary Help of Christians of Castel Gandolfo, on the notes of the song “With a mother’s heart”, the Novices wished Mother Chiara a happy birthday.

“We want to thank the Lord again who has given us the opportunity to recount His Love in the life of Mother Laura. He helped us to get to know and make us fall in love with our Charism more and more by building communion among us, learning to collaborate and to share. Thanks to our Community, which with patience and love has chosen with us to live these months of work, study, and deepening of this figure. Thanks to all the people who have contributed with precious aid for the construction of the show’s technical part, costumes, scenography, and to those who were present, in particular to Mother Chiara and the sisters of the Council and those who followed us from a distance.”

Photos: Flickr FMA

Link to interactively discover the life of Mother Laura and listen to the songs of the show.


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