Rome (Italy). On 24 October 2020, we celebrate the 12th  anniversary of the Election of the Mother General of the FMA Institute, Sister Yvonne Reungoat.

God’s surprises ask us to welcome the unprecedented of each day with trust and hope. We join Mother Yvonne in living this unusual time, in communion with one another and with the world, ready to respond with joy to the invitation: “Do whatever He tells you” (Jn 2:5). And it is this same invitation that the Rector Major of the Salesians of Don Bosco, Fr. Ángel Fernández Artime, in the Eucharistic Celebration of 24 October 2014, made to the Chapter members before the voting, recalling Mary at Cana, “Do whatever he tells you”.

Behold, Mother, the call still today to undertake the journey, listening attentively to the Teacher, to Jesus and to His Spirit with an open and docile heart to continue to “fill those jars with water”, with concern, with joy, with loving kindness, comfort, and compassion for the FMA, for the young, and for the Salesian Family in the World.

With Mary, welcoming this extraordinary time of generativity, you continue to give impetus and new life to the mission to which you were called on 24 October 2014.

Asked about the willingness to be the successor of Mother Mazzarello and to incarnate her motherhood to share a new season of prophecy in the FMA Institute at the service of the Church, you answered: “I accept! Thank you for the trust. The biblical expression that supports me is: ‘When I am weak, then I am strong’. I entrust myself entirely to Mary and I accept her invitation: ‘Do whatever He tells you’.”

And so, today, on the 12th anniversary of the Election, you repeat again: “Don Bosco assured us that the true Superior of the Institute is Mary Help of Christians. To her I entrust the mission of animating and governing the FMA Institute. I will try to be, like Mother Mazzarello, Her Vicar.”

To you Mother, the grateful greetings of all the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, of the Salesian Family, of the Educating Communities, and of young people in the world. Happy Anniversary!



  1. Carissima Madre! Grazie! Grazie! Per le parole di vita, testimonianza gioiosa della bellezza, le cose grandi e no, perche Lei ha ricordato mio nome… Dio La benedica

  2. GRACIAS MADRE YVONNE, tu vida ha sido un testimonio y tu servicio ha sido como un perfume que se expande por doquier. Tus circulares llenas de estímulo y de esperanza nos han dado a todas nosotras FMA el deseo de seguir adelante sin desanimarnos nunca. GRACIAS por todo lo que eres… ¡GRACIAS!

  3. Thanking God for this extra grace time given to us to still have you as MADRE to lead us, thanks to COVID-19. Indeed this is the NEW WINE we are still blessed to enjoy for so many extra months, thanks to your Renewed YES to the mandate given to you. God bless you for your dynamic, vibrant and ever joyful animation all these years. Your smile is truly contagious and still keeps us cheerful on the path of holiness day after day. Grazie infinite di cuore indiano MADRE!

  4. Dear Mother, Yvonne, we thank God for your wise leadership in these precious 12 years. We thank you for your motherly care and guidance and unflinching courage in guiding our institute. May the holiness that exists in the institute be your comfort and hope. May God accompany you always.
    Laura Vicuna Niwas, Ahmednagar, India, INB

  5. Dear Mother Yvonne, I vividly remember your election 12 years ago! And today as I look back I can see the love, vision and wisdom with which you have guided us. Your optimism and daring has kept pushing new frontiers of vocational fruitfulness. Our entire community of Maria Vihar (Mary’s abode), Nashik joins you in thanking the Lord.

  6. Dear Mother, We the sisters from Mazzarello Kendra Kasarkod INB province greet you Congratulations and prayerful wishes as you celebrate the 12th anniversary of your election as a shepherdess of our Institute. We praise God for you, for your generous, self-giving service to each of us and the whole Institute. Thank you for your fidelity and. God almighty and our Blessed mother continue to work wonders through you and grant you good health and protection. We also pray for the world and its people who are suffering due to the pandemic.
    Thank you and May God be with you….

  7. Un grazie sentito di cuore da noi dall;Auxilium, Lonavla carissima Madre Yvonne.
    Con viva riconoscenza e preghiere per oggi e per sempre

  8. Grazie Madre Yvonne per suo 12 anni di servizio d’amore.
    We the community of Auxilium, Koregaon, Pune thank you immensely for your animation and guidance especially through your rich monthly circulars. They were simple and down to earth messages but profound. Prayers especially for your good health. Grazie di tutto.
    Thanks once again.
    With lots of love,
    Sr. Thelma Barrett, sr. Surekha Gabru, sr. Jaya Rodrigues and sr. Gracy Thomas

  9. Carissima Madre Yvonne,
    We thank our God for you dear Mother Yvonne. Your generous service to the Institute for the past 12 years as our leader, guide and above all as a Mother is commendable. You have led the Institute with wisdom, discernment, hope and undaunted courage through challenges that the FMA Communities in different countries faced at one time or the other in the past 12 years and now when the whole world is facing a terrible crisis, you are still there to shoulder the yolk, giving us encouragement and courage never to lose hope. We implore God’s manifold blessings on you on this happy occasion of the 12th Anniversary of your election as Mother General. Hearty Congratulations and Prayerful wishes to you dear Mother. We remain your grateful daughters. Wishes from our Provincial Sr. Rita Dora Thomas and from every FMA of INB – Bombay, Province of St. Mary Mazzarello. We love you Dear Madre Yvonne!!! Grazie, Grazie, Mille Grazie!!!

  10. Grazie Madre Yvonne per 12 anni responsabilità nel nostro istituto! Grazie per il suo cuore grande come il mare dove anche il mio piccolo cuore trova un posto! Dio lei benedica e Maria Ausiliatrice lei protegga e guida sul cammino sicuro!
    Con grande gratitudine! Prego per lei!
    Sr. Maria Schöffl


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