Vellore (India). In February 2024, Auxilium College of Education in Vellore, of the Indian Province St. Thomas Apostle (INM), to promote the professional development and quality of teaching for students, keeping up with the continuous evolution of society and the labor market, hosted two important educational events: a National Workshop on IT skills of IBM and a Seminar on teaching methodologies for students in Nursing.

The National Workshop of the IBM IT company, organized on February 6, was aimed at providing university students and teachers with up-to-date IT skills to increase job opportunities.

With the guidance of experienced professionals such as the Director of ARUVE Chennai, Sister Alphonse M.I. Isabella; the Director of SURABI Chennai, Father Leo Joseph; and the Trainer and Associate of the IBM Project, Mr. Vijuson, participants were guided in the use of IBM’s online learning platforms. These platforms offer a wide range of courses suited to students’ diverse interests and professional aspirations, including free digital training in STEM, computer science, information technology, and other related disciplines. In addition to digital training, the workshop focused on developing core skills for the workplace, such as leadership, communication, programming, and problem solving, thus preparing participants for the challenges of the current market.

On 21 February 2024, instead, it hosted a Seminar on Teaching Methodologies for Nursing Students at the Christian Medical College of Nursing in Vellore, with the aim of leading students to familiarize themselves with curricular planning, administration, and evaluation, as well as presenting modern teaching technologies. Led by College Director B.ED. Auxilium, Sister Amali Alexander, students were introduced to innovative teaching methods, including the use of technology and social media. The Seminar gave students a good opportunity to share doubts and issues related to the curriculum and the challenges faced in the classroom.

Both events showed the commitment of Vellore Educational Institutions in promoting academic and professional excellence. By facilitating access to learning and development opportunities, these initiatives are empowering students to become qualified and flexible professionals in a changing world. In addition, by promoting collaboration and the exchange of knowledge between different institutions and areas of study, these events contribute to the creation of a more cohesive and dynamic educational community in Vellore.

On 27 January, at the 6th graduation ceremony held at Auxilium College of Education in Vellore, 250 students – in the three groups 2018-2020, 2019-2021, and 2020-2022 – received their diploma, successfully completed their academic journey, faced with perseverance and dedication. The College’s top students from each group were also awarded, recognizing their academic excellence and outstanding achievements. The “Vincent Raj” scholarship was awarded to three deserving students from the English department, allowing them to pursue their academic aspirations.




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