Rome (Italy). The health emergency caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic that bids us to “stay at home”, cannot break the chain of “THANKS” to testify to closeness and solidarity around the world.


The Roman Province of St. John Bosco (IRO), unable to carry out the planned events due to the anti-contagion restrictions and the serious situation that affects the whole world Letter of Mother’s Feast), continues to accompany the preparation for the World Feast of Gratitude 2020 of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians urging all to reflect on the meaning of Gratitude and pointing out small steps to be lived in everyday life.

From Circular 995: “Gratitude touches the identity of our Institute, is part of our DNA, and it is very wonderful to have the opportunity to rediscover it on the journey in preparation for the 150th  anniversary of the foundation of our religious Family which, in the first stage, has the theme: Give thanks : ‘We really thank the Lord who gives us many graces’ (L 37.10) (cf. Circular 989).

Cultivating and expressing gratitude is the secret of our happiness, the light that illumines our communities with trust, sometimes weighed down by personal and pastoral efforts, by doubts and difficulties of various kinds, but certain of always being enveloped in the love of God. Knowing how to say a sincere thank you manifests the relational quality of our being that recognizes how great the love is that makes us live every day. The grace of God penetrates and transforms our life and that of every creature, giving a new meaning to relationships, is also a wonderful gift from the Lord” (Mother Yvonne Reungoat).

To express Thanks for the vocation, for the life and mission of Mother Yvonne, for each Daughter of Mary Help of Christians, and for each member of the Educating Communities, the Our Father will be recited every day, the prayer of the Children of God, which unites all those who are in harmony with the Creator and with all Creation. It is the prayer that Jesus Himself taught us to turn to God by calling Him Father, asking Him for daily bread, and begging for mercy for humanity.

The video of the Logo


On the Website and Social Networks of the FMA Institute and of the Province of St. John Bosco (IRO), material will be offered for the preparation of the Celebration of World  Gratitude Day 2020 and ‘posts’ on the Social Networks will be shared which express gestures of communion and unity .

Letter from the Inspector IRO for Mother’s Day


  1. Grazie Madre per la vostra vita donata per noi. Ogni giorno sentimo amate da Dio e da te. Il Signore vi benedica e ti sempre tiene vicino al suo cuore. Buona festa della riconoscenza. Grazie Madre.
    – abbracci e affetto dalla comunita’ di Auxilium Caranzalem, Goa.

  2. Dear loving Mother, we thank you on this day and we raise our hearts in thanksgiving to God for all the blessings showered on our Institute through you. We pray for you and ask the Lord to bless you with His choicest blessings.
    Your loving daughters in Christ.
    Sr.Sherly Joseph and sisters.

  3. Dear mother thank you very much for all that you are doing for the FMA world.
    Today we specially prayed for you and we are proud of you.
    May God bless you with good health and all your hearts intentions
    Thank you for praying for us and for your motherly guidance.
    Happy feast to you

  4. Thank you La Madre. We are proud of you. May the Good Lord continue to bless, direct and protect you. Praying for you and for your intentions.


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