Rome (Italy). The Italian Center of Salesian Female Schools/Works (CIOFS/Scuola) adheres to the campaign #vogliamofarescuola promoted by the Federation of Catholic Primary and Secondary Schools  (FIDAE) in Italy.

We want to go to school is the slogan chosen to launch a path of collaboration between schools, local authorities, and Catholic institutions in view of reopening the parity schools in Italy.

This time of the Covid-19 pandemic was very laborious for parity schools in Italy, where alongside distance learning, we began to think not only about how to get back to school safely, but how to re-motivate the deepest value of the school – students, teachers, and families

We want to go to school means gathering the desire of all the students of Italy who in these two months, with a spirit of sacrifice and dedication, have followed courses of study through Distance Learning, discovering many new ways of having lessons.

We want to go to school is also the desire of all the teachers who have adapted to the new ways of teaching and have also sought to overcome barriers and obstacles to keep faith in their mission and to continue to transmit knowledge to the new generations.

We want to go to school means trying to put together a Manifesto of the school we dream of, to go to the roots of our educative experience and also to open ourselves to new perspectives (environment, digital culture, connective intelligence, empathy).

The first appointment is the Conferenza Stampa online (Online Press Conference) to launch the campaign that will be held on Friday 8 May 2020 at 17:30.
Among the guests, there will be Sr. Alessandra Smerilli, Daughter of Mary Help of Christians, Lecturer at the Pontifical Faculty of the Science of Education ‘Auxilium’, who will present the topic ‘Starting from a new language of economics.’

FIDAE is a Federation of primary and secondary Catholic Schools, dependent or recognized by the Ecclesial Authorities, promoted by the Congregation for Catholic Education, the school and the University of the Vatican, and recognized by the Italian Episcopal Conference.

CIOFS/School FMA, is promoted by the Juridical Entity C.I.O.F.S. (Italian Center of Salesian Feminine Works).  It has it legal headquarters in Rome, Italy and carries out tasks of coordination, formation of personnel, technical and planning assistance, connections with national and European networks and organizations.
It works in the educational-scholastic field, never losing sight of the many changing demands in the social-cultural context, the educational-formative-professional needs of the young, dialogue with the actual culture, and interaction with agencies that attend to the youth situation in whatever capacity. It is inspired by the Christian anthropology of St. John Bosco and renders actual its choice for the cultural promotion of the working classes, seeking to best develop all the potential of the person in a clear plan of personal life and of full social citizenship.



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