Mornese (Italy). From December 27 to 29, 2018, the Provincial, Sr. Carla Castellino, and 60 FMA of Our Lady of the Cenacle Province (ILS), and Sr. Maria Ko gathered in Mornese for the Biblical Seminar, as is traditionally done, to reflect on the theme ‘The Book of Ruth’.

Sr. Maria Ko guided the study of the Book of Ruth, re-read through seven themes: human relationships; universality of salvation; inclusion, encounter with other cultures; Divine Providence hidden in ‘chance’; God passes from ‘your’ to ‘my’; love tends to be excessive; discernment and decision; solidarity among women.

There were many connections with other Bible passages, with other feminine figures, with Salesian spirituality (history of the birth of the Institute, the Constitutions, Acts of Chapter XXIII), many points for reflection on timely themes (acceptance of strangers, migration), and occasion to re-read the capacity to let ourselves be illumined by the Word of God in daily choices, of seeing our way of building relationships.

We were given a task at the conclusion: find the articles in the Constitutions that can be connected to the themes identified in the Book of Ruth, a task that can easily occupy the whole year.

On the morning of December 29, there were two different encounters: the sisters who follow the Research Groups gathered with the Provincial, Sr. Carla, and with Sr. Anna Maria Spina, the Councilor for Youth Pastoral, for a time of dialog and discussion on what was accomplished and to identity some common guidelines for the Province vocation animation. The other FMA followed Sr. Maria Ko in studying the passage of the Samaritan (John 4), proposed by the Strenna of the Rector Major for this year.

The were serene days, with snow, wind, and sun; the possibility of visiting the places of Mornese, of reflecting, of living well animated prayer times together. All was enriched by the presence of Sr. Carla, by the Good Nights, by a healthy and lively evening of fraternity at the conclusion.


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