Fatima (Portugal). The Study Seminar for all the SDB and FMA Province Coordinators and Delegates for Missionary Animation of Europe will take place on March 4-11, 2018 in Portugal.

The theme is “Seminar of Missionary Animation and Formation: Initial Proclamation and Salesian Mission”.

The objectives of the Seminar are: to assimilate, understand, and study the theme of the Initial Proclamation and seek concrete journeys from the educational and pastoral points of view, to render the practice of the Initial Proclamation of Jesus consistent and consolidated in all the European Provinces in the various environments and sectors where the SDB and FMA work.

The Seminar desires to offer conditions and instruments to make the pastoral-evangelizing action concrete, stemming from the reflection made in the last six-years at the level of Congregation and Institute, in all the regions and Interprovincial Conferences of the SDB and FMA on Initial Proclamation.

The Seminar will utilize experiential and workshop experiences in which to share meaningful experiences and reflect on the Initial Proclamation. It is a special time of animation and formation for the Coordinators/Referents and of the DIAM, that is the formation of the ‘multipliers’, of the animators of other animators at the Province level.


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