Rome (Italy). On 9 January 2023, the General Postulation of the Causes of Saints of the Salesian Family published the Dossier of Postulation 2022 e il Poster of Holiness of the Salesian Family 2023.

“These are men and women, young people and adults, consecrated and lay people, Bishops and missionaries, who in different historical, cultural, and social contexts over time and space have made the Salesian charism shine with a singular light. It is a heritage which plays an effective role in the life of the Salesian Family, in the community of believers, and for people of good will. Therefore, it is necessary to express deep gratitude and praise to God for the holiness already recognized in the Salesian Family of Don Bosco and for that in the process of recognition,” commented Fr. Pierluigi Cameroni, SDB, Postulator General.

The General Secretariat of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians maintains a relationship of constant collaboration with the Postulator General, animating the various Causes with many Sisters.

In the FMA Institute, in which the jubilee event of the 150th anniversary of Foundation (1872-2022) has just concluded, the Grace of God and the powerful help of Mary Help of Christians caused the tasty fruits of holiness to germinate and ripen:

The Co-foundress St. Mary Domenica Mazzarello; 7 Blesseds: Laura Vicuňa, Sr. Maddalena Morano, Sr. M. C. Moreno Benítez, Sr. M. A. Carbonell Muñoz, Sr. Maria Romero Meneses, Sr. Eusebia Palomino, Sr. Maria Troncatti; 2 Venerables: Sr. Teresa Valsé Pantellini, Sr. Laura Meozzi; 2 Servants of God: Mother Rosetta Marchese, Sr. Antonietta Böhm.

The diocesan phase of the Causes of the Servants of God Sr. Antonietta Böhm is currently underway, of whom Sr. María Guadalupe Chavez of the Province of O. L. of Guadalupe is Vice-Postulator (MME); and Mother Rosetta Marchese, of whom Sr. Francesca Caggiano, of the Generalate (RCG), is Vice-Postulator.

The candidates of the FMA Institute, with their example, their passion for Christ and for the Salesian educational mission, encourage and support in believing with confidence that Mornese outgoing is a sure way to holiness with and for the young people. Their docibilitas to the voice of the Spirit who called them to carry out the mission in every place on earth urges them to live the evangelical life radically as the most beautiful and genuine gift to offer to youth, just as they did in the hour and in step with the Church of their time.

They are the most precious amphorae of the Charism from which to draw the good wine of the Gospel that is joy and life in abundance. Therefore, by encountering them with familiarity, and in contact with them, the quality of one’s life and the fruitfulness of the mission will open to the surprises of the Holy Spirit, as happened with Mary of Nazareth.

The animation team of FMA Holiness, coordinated by the General Secretariat and made up of the vice postulators and some FMA present in the various places where these sisters lived or which guard their relics, in 2022 was committed to:

  • Printing and dissemination of the periodical “Heaven responds”, which contains reports of graces obtained through the intercession of the FMA on the way to altar honors.
  • Publication on the Institute’s website of various articles on the occasion of the memorial of the FMA candidates to the honors of the altars.
  •  Closure – with negative outcome – of the study of the case of an alleged miracle attributed to the intercession of Laura Vicuna.
  • Worldwide printing and dissemination of the brochure “From the peaks of the Aosta Valley to the peaks of holiness” on the Servant of God Mother Rosetta Marchese.
  • Conference on Mother Rosetta Marchese addressed to the Salesian Family, held in Aosta, on 22 May 2022.
  • Conference on the Servant of God Mother Rosetta Marquis held in Quito (Ecuador) on 30 August 2022 by Sr. Francesca Caggiano.
  • Diocesan inquiry “On the alleged miraculous healing of Mr. Juwa Juank Kankua Bosco, from an open cranial encephalic trauma with very serious exposure of the brain tissue, obtained from God through the intercession of Blessed Maria Troncatti” held in Macas (Ecuador) from 2 to 10 September 2022.
  • • Diocesan inquiry “On the alleged miraculous healing of Mr. Juwa Juank Kankua Bosco, from an open cranial encephalic trauma with very serious exposure of the brain tissue, obtained from God through the intercession of Blessed Maria Troncatti” held in Macas (Ecuador) from 2 to 10 September 2022.
  • Round table “Mother Rosetta Marchese: from the peaks of the Aosta Valley to the peaks of holiness” held in Rome in the FMA Generalate, on 20 October 2022, in direct streaming on the Institute’s YouTube channel.
  • Vigil of All Saints “FMA 150 Holyween” to invoke peace for humanity and for the Institute and to strengthen faith in the intercession of our candidates for the honors of the altars, held in Rome, FMA Generalate, on 30 October 2022, streamed on the Institute’s YouTube channel.
  • Conference on the Servant of God Mother Rosetta Marchese in Groot-Bijgaarden (Belgium) on 11 November 2022 and, from 11 to 15 November, visit to various houses in Sacred Heart Province (BEG) for the collection of documentation pertaining to the cause.

On 30 December 2022, the Secretary General, Sr. Maria Luisa Nicastro, with a letter to the Provincial Secretaries, also made known some anniversaries in the year 2023:

  • 5 January 1873-2023: 150 years since the birth of the Venerable Servant of God Mother Laura Meozzi;
  • 6 January 1923 -2023: 100 years from the first profession of Blessed Sr. Maria Romero;
  • 16 February 1883-2023: 140 years since the birth of Blessed Sr. Maria Troncatti;
  • 3 August 1903-2023: 120 years from the first profession of Sr. Teresa Valsè Pantellini;
  • 3 September 1988-2023: 35 years since the beatification of Laura Vicuna;
  • 2 October 1973-2023: 50 years since the inauguration of the “Ciudadela de Maria Auxiliadora” founded by Blessed Sr. Maria Romero in Costa Rica with the first 7 small houses;
  • 9 November 1893 -2023: 130 years since the birth of Blessed Sr. Amparo Carbonell.

They will be opportunities to deepen the charism lived by the Sisters on their way to canonized holiness, also through initiatives proposed by the various Provinces, such as il Rosary of 5 January 2023.

“Let us spread the knowledge of these figures among young people and families, also through social networks, using the materials on the site or in the pages dedicated to these Sisters, trusting in the Grace of God who works in hearts producing new sprouts of good and new vocations,” exhorts Sr. Maria Luisa Nicastro.

“On 22 October 2021, in the meeting with the participants of GC XXIV in the Generalate, Pope Francis said: ‘What attracts a vocation? Holiness, zeal. In our educational service, like Mother Mazzarello, we believe that it is ‘the hand of God working in us’ (cf. L66,2), trusting in the hidden economy of Grace that reaches hearts also through an episode in the life of one of our Blesseds, with the story of Laura’s young life, and also with the example of firm faith that we express in inviting the entire educating community to prayer to ask for a miracle for one of our Oratorian girl.”

The General Secretariat invites all the FMA to unite in prayer to ask for the glorification of the Blesseds, Venerables, and Servants of God, in particular through two initiatives:

  • put this intention in the Marian prayer during the daily Visit to the Most Holy Eucharist (for the success of our Causes of Beatification and Canonization);
  • offer one Holy Mass a month with this intention (for the Glorification of the Servants of God, Venerables, Blesseds ….).

We also invite you to report the graces received by e-mail or by ordinary mail to the General Secretariat of the FMA Institute.


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