Rome (Italy) On August 5, 2020, the Mother General of the Institute of the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians, Mother Yvonne Reungoat, with a video message, officially opens the second year of preparation for 150th  of Foundation of the  FMA Institute (1872-2022).  On August 5, 2019 in Mornese (AL), a charismatic place, she had started just a year ago, the “three years of praise, of gratitude, of new educational and vocational vitality” (Circular 989).

The first year, illumined by the words of Mother Mazzarello, “We truly thank the Lord who gives us many graces” (L 37.10), underlines Mother in her Message – “It was a year we wanted to be under the banner of ‘thank you’ and this tone has continued to follow it despite fears, lockdowns, mourning, because we know we are in the hands of God and that every event, happy or sad, prepares the Easter dawn: for this reason, even in tears , we can keep saying “thank you”.

Gratitude  for the year 2020-2021 is followed by the theme Accepting a mandate: “I entrust them to you”.

“In Mornese, Mary accompanied the young Maín and guided her, especially in her uncertainty about her future, towards a new horizon of the mission: taking care of poor girls by giving her a precise mandate: I entrust them to you” (Circular 989).

In Circular no. 1000, Mother Yvonne Reungoat invites us to approach the figure of Mother Mazzarello with new depth to penetrate more into that “I entrust them to you” which was the guiding thread of her life and which challenges each one of us. She also proposes questions to keep in mind throughout the year, as a motive for reflection with the educating community: “Who is entrusted to us today? What conditions does this mandate require so that, from generation to generation, it will be a fruitful womb of new life for all of us and for the new generations? What can ‘Mornese’ say to today’s young people?”.

“I entrust them to you” from generation to generation, so that the young people will be fully realized and happy even on this earth, because they will discover the richness of the gift of self for the love of God, so that they may be saints and saints of the Third Millennium;  so that young women may always feel this mandate as addressed to them personally and respond by accepting to become living stones of the monument to Mary Help of Christians!

In communion with the FMA all over the world, August 5th  is the day to remember the roots and renew our ‘yes’ to the Salesian vocation, opening to a future of hope where the expression of Don Bosco, “Mary walks in this house” (cf. Cronaca V, 51-52), gives us the certainty that Mary is present where the mission entrusted to the FMA and the educating communities takes place as protector, guide, and inspirer, to live the generative power of the charism in the today of history.

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  1. Chère Mère Yvonne! Bonne fête! Nous accueillons avec joie, reconnaissance et responsabilité ce consigne: “A toi, je les confie!” Avec Marie, nous chercherons d’être génératrices de vie pour tous ceux et celles qu’elle nous confie. Union de prière.

  2. Thank you for the inspiring message. Happy Institute Day Mother Yvonne, prayers for all your intentions. Greetings to all the Sisters and your council too, from all of us here in San Giuseppe Mabalacat Pampanga, Philippines.

  3. A very Happy Feast to you and all those around you! Thank you for your greetings on this beautiful day, and the significant Circular 1000, as we prepare for the 150th anniversary. Indeed, Mary walks in our houses. You are in our prayers, our gratitude and our love.

  4. in questo particolare 5 agosto 2020: di cuore buona festa a tutte le FMA.
    “Lasciatevi immergere nella profondità di quella relazione, di quel “ECCOMI” che da respiro, coraggio e slancio di speranza al vostro servizio e alla vostra esistenza, in qualunque stagione essa si collochi.
    Auguri di cuore sotto lo sguardo e le benedizione dell’Ausiliatrice.
    Lorena Motta con il consiglio e le Unione della Federazione ex allieve Ispettoria
    Lombarda Sacra Famiglia Milano Bonvesin

  5. Thanks a lot dear Mother for this inspiring message. During the Holy Eucharist prayer for all your intentions and May God bless us all!

  6. Muy querida Madre:
    Desde la Casa de María Auxiliadora la saludo y expresarle que acojo la consigna del ”
    A ti te las confio” con espíritu filial. Pido a Madre Mazzarello nos haga gustar cada vez más la hermosura de nuestro carisma salesiano al servicio de los jóvenes. Gracias Madre por su animación que siempre nos motiva y nos llena de alegría.

  7. Feliz fiesta dei Instituto gracias por la fidelidad de cada FMA. Gracias Madre por lo eres y seras siempre para nosotras. Te queremos mucho y rezamos por tu santidad

  8. Gozo de ser salesiana, amo la congregación, mi si lo renuevo constantemente, mi bandera es María Auxiliadora, mis estandartes DonBosco y Madre Mazzarelo, mi preocupación la juventud ,mi deseo cumplir siempre la voluntad de mi Señor, hacerme santa, vivir plenamente mi Consagración, ir finalmente a gozar de MI DIOS Y SEÑOR

  9. Merci Mère Yvonne
    Bonne fête du 5 août à toi, aux soeurs du Conseil Général et à toutes les soeurs de la Maison Générale. En union de prière d’action de Grâce pour la fécondite du charisme germé à Mornése. Sr. Marie.Thérèse FERLAY

  10. Thank You dear Mother Yvonne for the greetings and the the Circular letter No.1000 that invites us to Gratitude and enter the 2nd year of our preparation for the 150th anniversary of the foundation of our Institute.We praise God for Mother Mazzarello and you our present Mother Mazzarello that continues to give and keep alive the spirit of Mornese. Happy feast and may Our lady Help of Christians continue to walk with you and with every FMA. Stay bless. Grazie!


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