Rome (Italy). On 9 February  2023, in live streaming on the YouTube Channel of the FMA Study Center, starting at 18:30 (Italian time), the 3rd appointment of the “Salesian Thursdays at the Auxilium”. Sr. Linda Pocher, Professor of the Pontifical Faculty of Educational Sciences “Auxilium”, proposes a reflection on the theme, “The presence of Mary in Don Bosco’s dreams”.

Among the memories jealously guarded and handed down by the first-generation Salesians there are also the stories of the dreams of St. John Bosco. These are narratives through which the Saint opens to us access to his inner world, to his imagination, therefore to his emotional experience.

The systematic study of dreams in which the figure of Mary appears, allows us to outline the characteristics of their singular relationship and to confirm the influence that this maternal and authoritative presence had in the development of the Preventive System.


Direct streaming 9 February 2023



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