(Japan). An earthquake recorded in Japan hit the city of Osaka hard, the second largest city in Japan by population: over two and a half million, plus another six million living in the urban area.

This is the account of the Sisters of Alma Mater Province (GIA).

“Once again, Japan is experiencing a strong earthquake with all that this entails!

Monday, June 18, morning at 7:58, while the majority of people went to work or school, a VI degree shock with a magnitude of 5.9 hit the area of Osaka, Kyoto and surrounding cities. Osaka, after Tokyo, is the city with the most densely populated number of inhabitants.

This time, the consequences of the earthquake are relatively few. 5 people have been killed by the fall of the internal or external house walls. The death of a 9-year-old girl who had gone before her classmates to school to fulfill her task as a delegate of the pupils was particularly sad. A few meters before reaching the gate, she remained under the walls surrounding the pool, which fell just as she passed. Many are also injured. The newspapers report more than 300.

The means of transport and communication were stationary for most of the day so many people could not go to work or go home. In some areas, electricity and water have disappeared, but now almost everything has been restored. Many people have had to leave their homes and have taken refuge in public facilities.

Through this experience, we could once again see the solidarity of the Institute. Mother immediately reached us with a phone call, taking an interest in the situation and promising prayers for people in need. Besides her, many other sisters and acquaintances have reached us both by e-mail and by telephone.

The Province is studying the situation to see if and how to intervene. However, so far, extensive damage to people and facilities has not occurred.

We are grateful for all the expressions of solidarity that have made us feel that our Institute is a great family where the sufferings and joys of one are the sufferings and joys of all!

We still rely on your prayer!



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