Rome (Italy). The new website of the Salesian Historical Institute (ISS) and the Association of Curators of Salesian History (ACSSA), a digital space for sharing, deepening, researching, and archiving documents relevant to the Salesian Family and to society in general, is online.

As explained by Robert Marcus, head of communication and marketing of the agency and Giselli Ribeiro, journalist specializing in online marketing and communication – who with Sister Maria Imaculada da Silva, FMA of the Brazilian Province Mother Mazzarello (BMM) in collaboration with André Luiz Macedo de Carvalho of the Agência Brand Red, oversaw the restyling of the site. It is important to have an online space that communicates the current affairs of the Institute and the Association, its history, work teams, actions, events and news, in addition to all published research, with a visual impact on the public, which will thus fully understand all that the Institute and the Association represent.

The project of the construction of the new website lasted several months and required a large study to be able to present all the information in an objective, intuitive way, and easily accessible. The restyling of the website is not only an aesthetic issue, but has a fundamental role in the preservation and dissemination of precious archives and historical documents.

the benefits of upgrading:

  • Digital Preservation: introduction of technologies that ensure the digital preservation of documents and historical documentation.
  • Global accessibility: the new layout of the site has been designed with specific attention to the accessibility of visitors from different parts of the world, who will explore the rich historical content in a more intuitive and engaging way. This is essential to make it accessible to everyone, especially those unfamiliar with technology.
  • Integration between multiple channels: The team sought to integrate multiple channels by creating content optimized for search engines and developing interactive tools to engage users. This improves the positioning in the search results and also facilitates the discovery of the site by a new audience interested in the activities of the Institute and the Association.
  • User-centered experience: the new website has been developed with a user-centered approach. It is responsive and it adapts to different screen sizes, ensuring that information is accessible regardless of the device used.

The updating of the ISS and ACSSA website is mainly aimed at ensuring that the rich historical heritage of this institution is preserved, promoted, and made accessible to communities and to present and future generations, while preserving its charismatic identity.


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