Lecco (Italia) During the lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and teachers of Mary Help of Christians Institute (IMA) of Lecco, of the Lombard Holy Family Province (ILO), created a blog with the contribution of the students of the Secondary School Second Level.

In the introduction to IMABlog can be read the motivations for this work:

“We are convinced that we can do and give our best, creating new spaces and designing new and creative ways to continue teaching and “being a school” by investing our time, enthusiasm, and energy with the spirit of animation and with the passion that distinguishes us as a Salesian school!”

Intended for all actors who live school directly or indirectly (students, teachers, parents, Educating Community, etc.), IMABlog is a gatherer of experiences, projects, and works carried out by students in this particular time that requires changing the way of learning, forming, and growing.

The works of the students are classified by theme according to the Rubrics – Solidarity and Hope; Cocinando se aprende Español !; Fables of law, Rainless; Three minutes of …; Emotions, relationships, and lifestyles; I work in the time of Covid-19; Social Media, Technologies, and DAD – which are updated weekly.

IMABlog does not want to be a sterile archive of works, but a living space, where students and teachers can offer their contribution, sharing new skills and knowledge, to continue living School with commitment, passion, and leadership.


  1. Felicitaciones por tan maravillosa idea, espero sigan con mucho entusiasmo y por supuesto haciendo mucho bien.


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