Rome (Italy). Education will be one of the themes at the center of the Message for the 55th World Day of Peace, announced by the Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, on 13 November 2021:

 “Education, work, dialogue between generations: tools for building lasting peace”.

“Pope Francis thus identifies three vast contexts today in full change, to propose an innovative interpretation that responds to the needs of the present and future times, inviting everyone “to read the signs of the times with the eyes of faith, so that the direction of this change awakens new and old questions  which it is right and necessary to confront”. (Pope Francis, Address to the Roman Curia on the occasion of the presentation of Christmas greetings, 21 December 2019), explains the statement of the Dicastery.

Three questions introduce the issues that will be addressed by Pope Francis:

  • How can education and upbringing build lasting peace?
  • Does work in the world respond more or less to the vital needs of the human being regarding justice and freedom?
  • Are the generations truly in solidarity with each other? Do they believe in the future? Is the government of societies successful in setting a horizon of pacification in this context?

World Peace Day is celebrated every year on 1 January. Established by Pope Paul VI on 1 January 1968 as an appeal to dialogue and an invitation to reflection and prayer for peace in the world, it is an invitation for everyone to promote paths oriented towards this gift for all humanity.

“We need to educate the world to love peace, to build it, to defend it”.

(Paul VI)


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